The Brief

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS) provides cutting-edge software for life assurance, pensions, and managing wealth, assets and investments, so there’s a lot at stake. Through its InvestPro suite, it provides software solutions for scores of the world’s leading Blue Chip companies and BPO clients, managing 150,000 funds at any one time. The company needed a reliable and trustworthy partner to deliver a new website, and they made a solid investment in Matrix Internet.

With the company managing such a vast amount of information, FRS needed a new online platform that conveyed their information with logic and clarity. Through a detailed user experience (UX) discovery workshop phase we honed in on target goals and client personas, and created a roadmap to improving navigation, removing congestion, and showcasing the powerful software functionality at their fingertips.

The FRS target market is exclusive and therefore extremely niche — they can sell their products and services to fewer than 500 companies worldwide, so the site needed to be hyper-focused to these organisations. We achieved this brief by crafting a frictionless user experience, highlighting relevant software solutions for different target sectors, and highlighting the company’s track record in the industry. We also created a new email subscription-based Knowledge Hub, so FRS can share white papers, news, events and product information with clients. Knowledge is power, and we loved exchanging ideas and concepts with such a respected organisation.


Key Features

  • 01
    Modern design update, with stylised images and subtle animation;
  • 02
    New streamlined interface, with custom icons and intuitive navigation to relevant service sections;
  • 03
    Prominent showcase of FRS’s previous success in the industry;
  • 04
    Knowledge Hub, to engage with inclusive messaging and learning opportunities;
  • 05
    Fully mobile responsive and optimised for all platforms.


Create a new platform that aligns with the company’s exclusive reputation.

  • Enhance the online presence of FRS and its messaging to an exclusive and very focused target audience;
  • Create a more rewarding and intuitive navigation for users;
  • Establish FRS as a valuable source of industry knowledge, as well as showcase its products and services.


UX-driven design thinking methodology, from discovery phase to live deployment.

  • Comprehensive discovery workshops to highlight specific user groups, and develop a new UX-driven direction;
  • Custom graphic design and image layout, with reimagined sections for users in different industries;
  • Development phase, with client feedback and extensive testing;
  • Launch of the new customised site.


A transformation through modern design and reimagined content innovation.

  • A new streamlined online hub for FRS, with simplified functionality, and enhanced messaging;
  • Increased engagement with clients through signing up to the new Knowledge Hub;
  • Increase in traffic and conversions since live launch.