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The Brief

Europcar is among Europe’s biggest car and van rental companies, operating in 140 countries and with 18 offices in Ireland. Their software system needed some fine-tuning, and Matrix’s digital mechanics got to work on an automated system that has saved Europcar Ireland many thousands of hours of manual data entry work.

With a diverse fleet that ranges from moving vans to chauffeur-driven cars, and with many and various rental terms and offers, prices on the website are in constant flux. Before we stepped in, these prices had to be tediously updated manually, wasting valuable time.

Through automation software, we crafted a customised process to automate this once-laborious process, while also removing the possibility of human error. Our code mimics user actions and completes this colossal data entry task in minutes by a program rather than staff members pressing keys for hours — that human touch is now used more beneficially with customers.

Crucially, we crafted a software solution that works with Europcar’s older system, saving them from having to invest heavily in new IT infrastructure. Through saving Europcar time and money — and improving customer and staff satisfaction — we’ve helped them get up to speed.

Key Features

  • 01
    Data is updated quickly, with no possibility of human error — no more laborious manual data entry;
  • 02
    Integration with third-party and internal systems - Code works with the existing IT infrastructure, and can be easily updated;
  • 03
    Automatic workflows and processes.


Streamline an extremely complicated and laborious software system.

  • To develop an automated system that removes the need for manual data entry;
  • Avoid errors in constantly updating prices;
  • Free up staff hours through automated workflows.


A fully automated and dynamic custom software solution.

  • Using third-party automation software, crafted a bespoke process to automate data entry;
  • Integrated updated software with existing legacy system;
  • Minimised integration points to ensure a more robust system.


Vastly improved experience for both customers and staff.

  • Extremely efficient software solution — removed human error;
  • Improved staff morale — no more tedious data entry tasks;
  • Built-in ‘red flags’ have dramatically reduced the level of errors and anomalies in the system, making Europcar’s internal operations more streamlined and efficient;
  • Decrease in duration of new staff training time, due to streamlined and automated process flows;
  • Decrease in human error and incorrect data records;
  • Thousands of hours of manual labour saved.