Croi Laighean Credit Union

The Brief

Croí Laighean Credit Union is a community driven financial cooperative, proudly serving members in their ‘Common Bond’ area that includes parts of Kildare and Offaly. CLCU were seeking a new, dynamic website that reflected their growing community and enhanced their communication with existing and potential members.

Croí is the Irish word for heart and this one word captures the essence of what Croí Laighean is within the community. CLCU, like all financial institutions, faces a big challenge to retain their core values while matching the technical innovation of Revolut and the big banks.

The new Croí Laighean website required a design to cater for a new generation of members, who are time poor and who require higher levels of convenience.

After a comprehensive discovery phase, Matrix began the project with a foundation of highlighting Croí Laighean’s key role in nurturing a stronger, sustainable economy in the Common Bond area by empowering people through financial independence.

This was a holistic project, strengthening the brand through the complementary pillars of user experience (UX) design, development and a new, updated content strategy. We had a chance to weave CLCU’s community focus into all of their financial packages and offers. We developed a friendly, approachable tone of voice in all communication, and included a prominent blog and news section to keep members updated.

Along with the messaging, we have also developed an attractive and rewarding user experience, with a vibrant colour scheme and streamlined journey. We simplified each financial package through concise summaries and effective calls to action, making sure the Loan Calculator is placed prominently throughout the site.

Echoing Croí Laighean’s approach to the community, we believe in inclusivity — we have created a new online home that reaches out to new people, while still being a reassuring hub for their thousands of loyal members.


Key Features

  • 01
    1. User-centric design with a greater focus on simplicity;
  • 02
    Prominent photos of real people;
  • 03
    Prominent and sensitive calls to action — ‘talk online’ function embedded in the mission statement on landing page; buttons for ‘Need urgent help’, ‘Donate’, and easy breakdown of relevant services;
  • 04
    Focus on Jigsaw’s story, vision, goals, and community-driven approach;
  • 05
    Streamlined UX, for simple and logical navigation to services and information;
  • 06
    Page templates and relevant training so Jigsaw can update the site without external assistance.


Present the client’s full range of services, with an improved, engaging message

  • Provide a reassuring, welcoming portal for Croí Laighean Credit Union;
  • Highlight CLCU’s role in the community;
  • Develop a simplified user journey with a minimum of steps;
  • Develop a platform to engage with the community.


Focus chiefly on ease of navigation with a reassuring tone.

  • UX and branding workshops to determine optimal user journeys;
  • Creation of sitemap, wireframe templates and bespoke development;
  • Develop fully accessible Content Management System (CMS) platform to facilitate regular update of content;
  • Fully updated web content service across the whole site;


A modern design and updated user experience for a historic valued community institution.

  • Improved reputation with members and potential customers;
  • Enhanced CLCU’s reputation in the Common Bond area — more engaging messaging than a regular bank;
  • Staff empowerment through WordPress CMS training;
  • Increase in unique users, website sessions and leads based on incremental audience targeting.