The Brief


Circulator is a digital communications platform offering tailored marketing solutions and strategies whilst providing powerful data analysis. Circulator works with clients across many industries, including high-profile eCommerce companies such as SuperValu, Smyths Toys, Liberty Insurance and Musgrave Group.

As part of a full rebrand they needed a new website to showcase their software solutions, and Matrix delivered a new platform that’s as effective as their clients’ automated campaigns.

The project was a close collaboration from our first UX workshop, as we assessed Circulator’s main goals for a modern transformation. They wanted a dynamic site that explained their products more clearly, refined their content strategy, and improved their own communication with prospective clients.

We offered a selection of design concepts, and they opted for a vibrant palette with bold fonts and engaging animation, which we developed on the WordPress platform with multiple wireframe sign-off stages. The text-heavy and cluttered old site was streamlined in the new site design with snappier headlines, active calls to action and finely-tuned SEO.

Their content strategy has been further strengthened with a new blog and careers section, and an intuitive breakdown of the sectors they serve.
Most importantly, they opened up a dialogue with the user — all contact forms are now linked in to Circulator’s custom CRM, and they’ve had an increased number of queries since they went live.


Key features

  • 01
    Strong brand identity throughout the site;
  • 02
    Streamlined to suit the b2b target audience — less dense and more scannable content;
  • 03
    Increased social engagement — users can ‘like’ and interact with case studies without needing an account;
  • 04
    New theme is highly customisable for displaying data, for example in case studies;
  • 05
    Engaging timeline adds context to Circulator’s success story.


To create a new website that supports Circulator’s quest for communications excellence in Irish business.

  • Explaining how Circulator improves conversion rates within any online business;
  • To position Circulator as Ireland’s most vibrant and forward-thinking communications platform for business;
  • To instil confidence with a more impactful content strategy that leads the user on an intuitive journey;
  • To inform as well as promote — many businesses still don’t know the benefits of effective communications campaigns.


A finely-tuned balance of effective communication, design-thinking methodology and user rewards.

  • Detailed UX discovery process to determine key personas and main goals of the project;
  • Sitemap, design concepts and wireframes created, approved by the Circulator team;
  • Development stage — coding of all website elements with regular milestones and client approval;
  • Extensive QA process, followed by a training session with key Circulator stakeholders before live launch.


A new online platform that aligns with Circulator’s goals to inform and showcase innovative communication strategies.

  • A website that tells the Circulator story in a pleasant and understandable format
  • A more engaging tone in content that tells the ongoing story of the company;
  • User journey is tailored to all prospective clients, with a more logical layout of Circulator’s offerings;
  • Main goal of the new site was to increase the number of call-backs and consultation requests — exceeding expectations with a 1,000% increase year-on-year;
  • Traffic has increased by 84% since launch;
  • Engagement has increased by 109%.