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Athena Advisers

The Brief

International sales network and property investment group Athena were lagging behind in their organic traffic reach, but with some expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from Matrix, we helped them get their house in order. After we teamed up with Athena on the project, their traffic went through the roof.

Athena Advisers specialises in luxury new builds and renovation projects, helping investors diversify their portfolios with hand-picked properties in prime markets worldwide, from the Swiss Alps to Paris, to Rio de Janeiro.

Their attractive new minimalist website aligned with their high-end design aesthetics, but after a detailed SEO audit we found it was hampered by technical mobile issues, and their Google ranking was suffering as a result. Within six months of a comprehensive Matrix digital renovation job, their mobile traffic grew by 193%.

Through our extensive analysis, we also identified their poor Domain Authority (DA) score — a measure out of 100 given to a site’s backlink profile. We embarked on a creative backlink campaign and Athena’s DA quickly grew by 25%, raising their ranking even further. Optimising meta tags on pages and alt attributes on images also facilitated a further SEO upsurge. Overall, SEO traffic increased by 83% in six months — another home run for a satisfied Matrix client.


Key Features

  • 01
    Site fully optimised in three languages: English, French and Portuguese;
  • 02
    Seamless integration with Athena’s inhouse CRM and European property portals;
  • 03
    Mobile issues resolved through SEO improvements.


To align Athena’s aspirational, high-end aesthetics with a strong Google presence.

  • Increase organic traffic to Athena site;
  • Introduce a robust SEO strategy for future growth;
  • Enhance the brand’s perception in the high-end property and lifestyle market.


A full SEO transformation for the site.

  • Full SEO audit and improvement of all technical SEO issues on mobile;
  • Delete negative, spammy backlinks and resolve issues of duplicate pages;
  • Tag all pages and images on the site.


Athena’s organic reach — and brand perception — is greatly improved across all their relevant international markets.

  • Organic mobile traffic increased by 193% within six months;
  • Domain Authority quickly grew by 25%;
  • Overall 83% surge in traffic to the site within six months.