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Appassionata Flowers

The Brief

Appassionata is renowned all over Ireland for an inspirational approach to flowers, with expertise showcased in wedding promotional videos, press fashion shoots and five-star hotels such as The Westbury. The business needed a new website to expand its eCommerce reach and we rose to the occasion. Thanks to Matrix, Appassionata’s business is blooming.

With Appassionata’s philosophy grounded in stylish simplicity and exquisite attention to detail, a visually alluring site was essential. Through an enlightening consultation process, we collaborated on a custom design that displays their stunning creations, with artistic photos of their arrangements and an integrated Instagram feed for happy customers to share their magic moments.

We weeded out any irrelevant information to ensure a vibrant User Experience (UX), with an intuitive menu system displaying flowers, plants, gifts and seasonal arrangements. We included a quick view option and a favourites list to glide users through the browsing process, with a hassle-free checkout and the option to add helpful notes for the delivery team.

We also pruned the admin process for Appassionata staff, to streamline their delivery system and to facilitate a growing volume of pick-ups from their Dublin stores. Besides customers calling to pick up arrangements, staff can also maintain a personal touch with their entertaining blog and a section highlighting their office floral makeovers. Overall, rapport with customers is blossoming, and it all stemmed from another quality collaboration with Matrix Internet.

Key Features

  • 01
    Custom graphic design;
  • 02
    Free-flowing UX from browsing to checkout;
  • 03
    User-friendly and accessible Wordpress Content Management System (CMS), with training given for easy updates by client;
  • 04
    Instagram integration;
  • 05
    Bespoke delivery solutions on the admin side.


To nurture Appassionata’s eCommerce business and brand identity.

  • Create a site that matches Appassionata’s aesthetic;
  • Improve UX from browsing to checkout;
  • Streamline delivery process;
  • Build customer rapport and brand awareness.


Design and UX excellence through close collaboration.

  • Collaborative custom design process;
  • UX workshops;
  • Development of CMS and stakeholder training;
  • Fine-tuning of content strategy.


A visually stunning site that does justice to Appassionata’s artistic creations.

  • Website captures Appassionata’s ethos, art and personal touch;
  • Vastly improved order and delivery process;