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RankBrain: Google Confirm Existence Of AI Ranking System

“Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the Web. It would understand exactly what... Read More

Back To The Future’s Most Accurate Predictions

Last Wednesday (October 21st) marked a unique day which was observed worldwide by all kinds of people from film buffs to tech geeks. Back To... Read More

From The World Of Fashion To A Digital Matrix

John Compton has over 25-years experience in the business industry on his resume. He has mastered a number of sectors including fashion, marketing and sales... Read More

Woof Woof, Lets get our paws on this!

Pearse street based digital agency Matrix Internet has secured a contract to design and develop the main website for Woof Advisor. This project will be carefully and meticulously designed... Read More

Here is a great description of how a book can change your life!

With the Iphone #bendgate such a big thing and now Ikea launching this, who knows whats next for Apple! Read More

Scholarships that will make me Cool! I want it!!

If you don't know Digital, who are you? Its the word on every marketeer's lips. Digital Scholarships are out there!We are growing at a huge... Read More

House My Dog – Client Focus

Our Client: House My Dog HouseMyDog is a website where dog owners can browse various profiles to find a suitable minder for their dog in... Read More

What is Google Hummingbird

Very recently Google announced 'Hummingbird', a new algorithm rather than just an update or a refresh. Google themselves said 2001, was the last time the... Read More

Expect to see a lot more about the Internet of Things in the Irish media in 2018. ENABLE, a €14.5 million research project, was launched... Read More

Bitcoin Offer

To announce the fact that Matrix Internet are now accepting Bitcoins as payment for our services, we gave one very lucky customer a special one-off... Read More