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“Look to the future, it’s only just begun”

So goes the famous Christmas song by Slade and it’s very much our outlook in Matrix as we head into our 20th year. We will... Read More

Has the IoT Lost the Run of Itself?

Being able to set your house alarm remotely is a fantastic use of technology. Sat nav has saved many of us from becoming hopelessly lost... Read More

Uber: Getting It All Wrong

Sometimes a company hits the headlines for an innovative new development that gives their customers exactly the right thing in the right way or for... Read More

Internet of Things Making Driving Safer

Are you planning to buy a new car next year?  You might want to wait until April. Next April, the internet of things will shift... Read More

Ireland’s Internet Day – An Evening With Jimmy Wales

The team here at Matrix Internet is gearing up to attend Ireland’s Internet day, which will be hosted by The Irish Domain Registry (IEDR) this... Read More

6 Easy Ways Your Office Can Go Green

Matrix Internet has gone green We just brought back recycling into the Matrix Internet office after a hiatus and it feels great. In just a... Read More

How To Cultivate The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If you plan on using Social Media as part of your brand’s online strategy, then it’s crucial that you develop the right social tone from... Read More

Google Street View Turns 10

For a solid decade now, Google Street View has been helping us get where we’re going.  It’s helped us arrive at our holiday destinations, dental... Read More

Data Privacy: Getting It Right

Data about your potential customers is marketing gold.  You need it to succeed.  But you have to get it and use it the right way.  Abusing... Read More

DCU Is Making STEM Child’s Play

Science, technology, engineering and maths aren’t the easiest subjects on the school curriculum, but they are critical.  And Dublin City University is teaming up with... Read More