Matrix discusses the future of computing at Euromicro PDP 2024

Matrix Internet took centre stage at one of Dublin’s most high-profile tech conferences of the year — sponsoring and participating in the 32nd Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2024).

This international event at National College of Ireland highlighted the significant role of new architectures and innovative applications, pivotal to driving advancements in parallel and distributed technologies, which propel the technology that powers faster and more efficient computing.

Euromicro’s decades of influence in cutting-edge technology

Founded in 1973, Euromicro has been a beacon for the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology and microelectronics in Europe. The 2024 conference continued this tradition by highlighting the latest research achievements from both the industry and the scientific community, showcasing groundbreaking progress in parallel and distributed computing.

Delegates at Euromicro PDP 2024

At the three-day conference, delegates and keynote speakers presented papers, attended workshops and listened to global experts give lectures on the latest advancements in PDP — a field of computing that plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, scalability and performance of networks. PDP research plays a fundamental role in driving innovation and solving complex problems in many industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail and eCommerce.

Matrix Internet’s strategic role at PDP 2024

Jeff Sheridan, Managing Director of Matrix Internet, took an active role as the Digital Chair of PDP 2024. Jeff also gave a talk at the conference and underscored the importance of continuous innovation and collaboration in harnessing the power of distributed computing technologies.

The event gathered experts from various domains to review and evaluate novel developments through presentations and discussions. Among the sponsors, alongside Matrix Internet, were notable organisations such as Digital4Business, the National College of Ireland, Digital Technology Skills, and Fáilte Ireland, each bringing a unique perspective to the event.

Matrix Internet CEO Jeff Sheridan speaks at EuroMicro PDP 2024
Matrix CEO Jeff Sheridan discussed innovation in PDP computing 

Matrix Internet’s involvement goes beyond mere participation — as leaders in digital transformation solutions, we are committed to driving the future of technology. Quantum computing will be a central part of Europe’s drive to lead the digital world, and Matrix is proud to be involved in some flagship projects in this area.

Hosting a range of sessions, the conference provided an ideal platform for attendees to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations, furthering research and development in the field.

As we reflect on the success of PDP 2024, Matrix Internet is enthusiastic about the opportunities to apply the insights gained towards enhancing our solutions and contributing to the tech community. We look forward to continuing our support for Euromicro and its mission to advance IT and microelectronics across Europe.

Matrix is making a positive impact in Europe — stay tuned to our website and follow us on social media for more updates on our projects and future events.

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