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3 Tips to Get Your Email Newsletter Read

A newsletter is a staple of an email marketing campaign, and if you get it right, people do want to read them.  But what is right? What is it that actually gets people to open that email and read that newsletter? All inbound marketing works on the same principle.  You give people information they want […]


Whatsup with Whatsapp for Business

Most of us – the two billion or so people on earth – who use WhatsApp do so in order to keep in touch with friends and family. In an increasingly globalised world, we are moving around and travelling more and more frequently and, as a result, we are increasingly looking for the best ways […]


The Google Menagerie: understanding SEO and Google updates

Why does Google keep making updates? Google is undoubtedly the biggest and best search engine in the world. Google stays at the top of the search engine hierarchy by ensuring that the results are presented in order of their relevance and quality. This means that they try to make sure you have the most efficient […]

facebook 360 cover photos

In-App 360s: Facebook Cover Photos With a Twist

Remember the last time you tried to find a new place for food? Perhaps you looked for something specific, or maybe you let Google’s ‘near me’ feature do most of the work for you; you may even have relied simply on word-of-mouth. But, even if the latter was true, I bet you googled your colleague’s […]

mckinsey customer journey

Understanding The Consumer Decision Journey

Our guest contributor this week is Mark Power, a lecturer in Innovation at Maynooth University. Here, Mark talks to us about how understanding the journey process of an average consumer can help marketers to secure more qualified leads for their business. Mark Power The sales development or (SDR) process in any credible sales organisation is akin […]

Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Matters

Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Matters

Every company needs a well-defined marketing plan. Your goals should serve as a compass when it comes to defining a path for your digital strategy. That includes SEO, Social Media, UX… you name it. Briefing your agency on who your target is, the market you operate in, your pricing strategy, as well as your medium-term […]


The great power of Social Media

Many of us pale and get a little clammy when we start thinking about social media use, especially in a professional context. The power of social media marketing is undeniable – we have all heard of people whose careers have risen out of ashes due to clever social media use, and small businesses whose engaging […]


Does Your Marketing Understand Millennials?

A recent study by Defy Media’s Acumen Research and TMI Strategy showed that 66% of people aged 13 to 25 used an adblocker on at least one device. But this does not spell doom and gloom for your digital marketing campaign. The survey has some good news too. Sixty-two percent of them follow a brand online, […]

social tone

How To Cultivate The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If you plan on using Social Media as part of your brand’s online strategy, then it’s crucial that you develop the right social tone from the very start. Social media offers your audience a valuable insight into the personality of your company and can go a long way towards building a strong relationship with your […]

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