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When we’re in the write frame of mind we share our digital insights, industry analysis and the odd hot take. Just putting it out there...

Understanding the Sales Funnel

The process of attracting potential customers and motivating them to make a purchase is not a simple two-step job. Digital marketing is based on the... Read More

4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

What will help your brand boost sales in 2018? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know digital marketing. It’s what we do... Read More

Going Big: Reaching an International Market

Is it time to take your brand to the next level and reach out beyond your own borders for new, international customers? When you start... Read More

Liven Up Your Marketing with Live Streaming

Live stream video is becoming more popular all the time.  It’s immediate and engaging, two of the most powerful qualities a social media campaign can... Read More

Doing Good with Your Christmas Marketing

It’s too early to start your Christmas marketing, but it is time to start fine-tuning it.  Consumers today, particularly millennials, choose brands they identify with... Read More

When Spotify Ads Burst Your Bubble – Advertising in the Age of Curatorship

Spotify has consistently delivered spectacular advertising campaigns. They are masters in using the data at their disposal as a way to connect with users and... Read More

Understanding The Consumer Decision Journey

Our guest contributor this week is Mark Power, a lecturer in Innovation at Maynooth University. Here, Mark talks to us about how understanding the journey process... Read More

Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Matters

Every company needs a well-defined marketing plan. Your goals should serve as a compass when it comes to defining a path for your digital strategy.... Read More

Does Your Marketing Understand Millennials?

A recent study by Defy Media’s Acumen Research and TMI Strategy showed that 66% of people aged 13 to 25 used an adblocker on at... Read More

Training Your Digital Marketing Team This Summer

Parents across Ireland are now frantically trying to enrol their children in summer programmes.  And adults are looking for interesting and enriching summer school programs... Read More