Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors to Leads

Your company’s website is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

It has an important job: to convert visitors to sales leads.  If that isn’t happening, something is wrong.  Let’s do a little troubleshooting and see why your business website isn’t convincing your visitors to take the next step and identify themselves as actual sales leads.

We’ll start with the most obvious thing – are you asking them?  Your website should include a call to action (CTA).  (It should include more than one, actually, and they should be a strategic part of your design.)  You should be asking your visitors to take concrete, easy steps.  Give them a button to click that will add them to an email list or give them an easy form to complete to email you.

Your call to action should be clear.  People want to know exactly what they are getting when they click that button.  Tell them what will happen, and also tell them what will not happen.  People worry about how the information they submit to you will be used.  Reassure them by telling them what you will not do (pass it along to others, for example).

Tailor Your CTAs to Different Visitors

Marketing is a little like dating.  You don’t want to rush it and propose on the second date.  You don’t want to come across as too needy or only concerned about your own needs.  To maximize the odds of visitors converting, try offering them a variety of CTAs pitched to different levels of interest.  Offer them an ebook, an emailed newsletter and a special offer.  Whatever you offer, make it something that focuses on their needs (not yours).

How you present your CTAs matters.  Do not lump them together visually.  Include CTAs organically, where they make sense in your site.  Depending on your current website, this might be an easy edit or it might mean redesigning your site.

You can get very sophisticated and tailor your CTAs to your visitors based on their geographic location or the page that referred them to you.  The more tailored your CTA is, the more likely your visitors are to respond to it.  For example, if you have a pet store and someone came to you from a site on dog training, you can tailor those CTAs to offer that visitor an ebook on dog training and a discount on dog toys.  If that person is in a city, you can pitch the dog toys as a way to occupy dogs who have limited space outside.  Someone coming to you from a cat health website who lives in the countryside would get a CTA about reflective cat collars.

You might need to simply tweak your CTAs or you might need to redevelop your whole site to get the results you need.  Your CTAs need to an organic part of your site, not an afterthought.  Right now, Matrix is offering huge discounts on web design.

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