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The rise and rise of ecommerce

With today’s technology, online retailers have a huge arsenal of weapons at their fingertips compared with the more traditional retail forms. However, this creates an incredibly crowded and competitive marketplace. Attracting people to your online store is one part of the puzzle, the other major part is converting as many visits as possible into sales. On a daily basis, we interact with our clients to maximise conversion rates /sales. We use various forms of analysis including Google Analytics, specialist ecommerce stats packages, split testing, heat maps and more to constantly tweak our ecommerce sites towards their potential.

Customer Behaviours and Browsing

It is crucial to build up a profile of a website’s target market and likely browsing behaviour. This will shape the navigation structure, product presentation and purchase funnel on the store. Different products or industries present different challenges and require different skillsets.

Our team of strategists and developers are observant, perceptive and proactive.

Product Browsing

An ecommerce platform must be flexible enough to allow for attractive product presentation, powerful searches and a user friendly checkout process which feels easy, quick and secure for the customer.

Once the basic foundations are in place, other goals can be looked at such as cross-selling, up-selling, viral sharing, increasing average ticket values, product promotion and other marketing initiatives.

Catalog Management

Online retailers need to manage their product catalog via an intutive admistrative interface. A powerful catalog system and database should include various options for the display of items, while products can easily be imported and exported for batch updates offline ( eg. Google Products Directory ).

Additional requirements might include synchronisation with external inventory systems, google analytics or custom reporting software.

Customer Accounts

Beyond basic product browsing Customer Service /Accounts should offer your customers the ability to save items to a wishlist and share with friends and family, access and edit their contact information and address book and view their Ratings & Reviews and Product Tags.

Order Management

A regular ( but welcome ) problem for our clients is that increasing sales creates bigger pressures on the logistics operation. They need a powerful system to manage this process painlessly or automatically : viewing orders, creating invoice/receipts, dealing with returns and shipment records for Sales Orders and issuing Credit Memos (refunds) for customers.

Customers should be able to easily view their activity from their account, while administrator users are able to view full order histories and access all reports in the backend.


The checkout process and funnel is a science in itself and often undervalued. It requires a careful setup and continuing monitoring and modification if conversion rates are to be maximised.

Customers mostly want to pass through the checkout quickly and feel that all concerns ( security , shipping etc ) are clearly addressed at all times.

An intuitive, quick and efficient checkout process and the ability to integrate with a variety of secure payment gateways are crucial factors.

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