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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Social

Dark social sounds ominous.  It sounds like the title of a spy thriller or the theme for a school disco.  It would make a great name for an emo band.  But it is really something that you probably do every day.  Have you ever read an article online, decided one person you know would love […]

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How Can You Boost Your Business Blog?

Your business blog can be a powerful tool.  It’s often potential customers’ first impression of your brand. It is the port of entry to your sales funnel.  Unlike your more static website, your blog is ever changing and (hopefully!) up to the minute and topical.  Your blog can make an enormous difference to your bottom […]


Why We Love HubSpot – and Think You Will Too

Matrix Internet is a fully accredited and certified HubSpot partner, and you should know why.  We’ve seen it make digital marketing campaigns more effective.  We’ve seen it allow people to automate some of the process while improving their results.  It’s not magic.  You don’t just hand everything over and lounge on a tropical island while […]


What Do Search Engines Want?

The difficulty with search engines is that they are like a dysfunctional partner.  Search engines absolutely will not tell you clearly what precisely they want.  They hint.  They reward you when you get it right.  But they are capricious.  They change their minds, ahem algorithms, without notice.  They never tell you they’ve changed them and […]


Keeping Your Blog Ethical and Transparent

Ireland’s Advertising Standards Authority has announced new guidelines for blogging ethics.  They are concerned about bloggers who review products without disclosing that they are paid or otherwise compensated for doing so.  Under the proposed guidelines, such posts must be clearly labelled as marketing content.  This is not a big change for most bloggers because they already […]


What’s the Point of Your Business Blog?

At Matrix, we encourage our clients to blog.  But for your business blog to do your company any good, you need to understand why you are doing it.  Your blog is not just to keep pace with the competitors who have blogs.  It has the potential to work like a multi-function tool, and to achieve […]



Ara modular phone concept is a design by Google which allows you build your phone with the specs you want. The modular magnetic backboard enables you to add different gadgets such as camera lenses, speakers, storage space and much more. The concept phone came about from the increasing electronic waste, which stems from disposing of […]


How To Make SEO Appealing to SMBs.

Convincing SMBs – especially those who are not necessarily digital natives – of the benefits of SEO work, can be challenging to say the least. There is an onus on agencies, like Matrix, acting in a consultative capacity with (often local) SMBs to clearly illustrate the benefits of SEO work to potential clients. Our 16 […]


5 SEO Fails Of An Ecommerce Website

It’s common practice for online sellers to assume that simply adding their product listings onto their ecommerce website will suffice in terms of attracting instantaneous traffic. This couldn’t be further from the truth.The reality is that, the optimisation of an e-commerce website is a lot more difficult than an average website. This is where many […]



E-commerce marketing is defined as the process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store’s brand and product offerings. It requires the application of traditional marketing principles to a multichannel, data-driven environment. 

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