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Google Street View Turns 10

For a solid decade now, Google Street View has been helping us get where we’re going.  It’s helped us arrive at our holiday destinations, dental appointments, job interviews, and parties.  And it’s helped your customers arrive at your bricks and mortar location.  The developed world has gotten rather dependent on Google Street View since it […]

cyber monday

Preparing Your Cyber Monday Strategy

Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year will occur on this week (Nov 25th), as retail owners all over the country brace themselves for Black Friday. This is a day that retail workers dread and shop owners love as shoppers descend on their stores in their droves looking  pre-Xmas bargains. However, for those that […]

Argh! Dell Warns Against Pirates

Just when you thought the last of the pirates had shaken you down for treats, Dell has issued a reminder that the real creeps never stop trick or treating.  Any day of the year, you could get an email with a link or attachment that looks like quite a treat – but isn’t.  Of course […]

Matrix Internet Nominated For National Blog Award

Matrix Internet we are delighted to announce that, for the second year running  we have been nominated  on the Littlewoods Blog Awards Ireland 2016 shortlist in the Digital & Tech and Marketing & Communications categories.  Since our foundation in 2000, the Matrix team has always worked hard towards providing the best service for our clients so it is […]

Are Parents Moving Over To Snapchat?

Those who set up their Facebook account  over five years ago will remember the heady days when the majority of the demographic was aged between 16-30. Facebook used to be cool, it used to be young & hip community strictly for a youthful generation. A place where young people could: interact with their friends, classmates […]

Back To The Future’s Most Accurate Predictions

Last Wednesday (October 21st) marked a unique day which was observed worldwide by all kinds of people from film buffs to tech geeks. Back To The Future day!   This marked the day back in 1985 when Marty McFly and his trusty friend Doc Brown jumped into their DeLorean and travelled thirty years into the future to […]

John Compton Digital Marketing Irish Model

From The World Of Fashion To A Digital Matrix

John Compton has over 25-years experience in the business industry on his resume. He has mastered a number of sectors including fashion, marketing and sales & talent management. Back in the noughties John put this wealth of experience to good effect when he founded one of Ireland’s foremost modeling agency’s . The Compton Model Agency. […]

Interview with a web developer

Inside The Mind Of A Web Developer Pt1: The Beginning

Web Developers are a curious breed. Their focus, work ethic and attention-to-detail is astounding. Every web developer is a perfectionist in their own way and their dedication to their craft is admirable. The thought process of a good developer never switches off. They will constantly seek out new and more rewarding challenges. They will spend […]

Social Media Roundup

Each week we will bring you news, reviews and general interest stories which will bring you right up to date with everything that is happening across Social Media right now. We’ll keep you constantly in the loop with what’s going on so you’ll never miss an update. Reddit Revolt Over the past decade Reddit has […]

Finally, A Way To Discover Who Deleted You On Facebook!

Everyone has been there, you notice the count on the number of your Facebook friends is down and you are curious to know who’s missing. Through a lot of time consuming investigation you eventually find out what exact friends are missing but you still don’t know why. Then there is potential awkwardness that may arise […]

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