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How to Have Happier, More Productive Staff

First, let’s be clear that happier staff and more productive staff are not mutually exclusive.  Employees don’t generally develop better working habits through being made miserable at work.  Make an effort to make them happier at work, and that in and of itself is likely to boost productivity.  But how to make them happy?  Relax, while doubling their paid holiday time and putting in a gourmet canteen with an open bar would indeed make most of them very happy, that’s not what we have in mind.

We’re talking about making their work life more interesting by developing their skills and increasing their knowledge.  Gaining skill is personally satisfying and it boosts confidence.  It also shows staff that you are willing to make an investment in them.  Oh, and the right training gives them new skills and insights to do their jobs more efficiently.

Get Exactly the Right Training for Your Staff

The way to get exactly what your business needs to sharpen your staff’s digital marketing skills is to get tailored training.  Going off to a workshop can be a great networking opportunity.  But odds are part of the session will cover material your staff already knows and/ or skip information they need to learn.  Having experts come into your business to deliver precisely what your staff needs is a much better return on your investment.

Digital marketing evolves quickly.  A year ago, Pinterest might have been a hot thing for your company, but now Snapchat is on the rise. You don’t want to miss that.  Maybe email marketing is a mainstay of your strategic plan. Are you using the latest methods to fine tune your message to different segments of your market?  SEO doesn’t stand still.  If you are still doing what worked two years ago, you are missing out on newer tactics that will take you further.

Matrix Internet can deliver customized training to your team to keep your digital marketing skills razor sharp.  Are you interested in starting the new year with some new skills?  Talk to us.  We’ll help you decide what to focus on to get your staff up to speed with all the newest developments in digital marketing.

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