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Boost lead conversions with a customised green energy toolkit

If youre a company investing in green energy solutions, Matrix has a wide range of custom calculators, wizards and other toolkits to boost leads.

From retrofit companies to energy providers, your customers can calculate savings with an interactive toolkit on your website.

Green energy toolkits to suit any business

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Home energy

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Project management


Heating solutions

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Agricultural upgrades

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Window installers

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Wall and roof insulators

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Solar panel installers

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Wind turbine installers

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BER assesors

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General contractors


Floor insulators

What our customers say

We know grants inside out

We’ll help you win State grants

We’ll help you State grants through innovation in sustainability-focused projects. Matrix guides B2B clients through the whole process — from creating greener solutions so you’re grant-ready, to help with the Enterprise Ireland application itself. And with our interactive toolkits you can also save your customers money. In less than a minute, they can add their requirements and get an estimated quote for a project, then calculate their State funding through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

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Green Ideas
Climate Action Voucher

Consultancy support for a sustainability, decarbonisation or circular economy strategy


Support to introduce future-thinking environmental best practice systems and structures


Support for training projects to develop environmental and sustainability practices

Strategic Consultancy

Consultancy grant to help large energy users develop a carbon reduction roadmap

Monitoring & Tracking

Supporting companies to start monitoring and tracking their carbon footprint


Help reduce carbon output in manufacturing combustion processes

Innovation Vouchers

Help for SMEs to explore sustainable opportunities with registered knowledge provider

Exploring Innovation

Grant to support sustainability research, development or projects

Research & Development

For developing products, services or processes to give a competitive advantage

Agile Innovation

Supporting the development of sustainable products, services or processes

Universal benefits for all sectors

Matrix is the technical partner for high-profile environmental campaigns like the Irish Government’s Climate Toolkit 4 Business and the Credit Union’s CU Greener Homes. Whatever your sector or the size of your business, the benefits are huge.

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Pre-qualified lead generation

Our interactive toolkit captures leads through engaging calls to action

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A new shareable, branded asset

Fully bespoke white label toolkit with your colours and logo can be shared and embedded, attracting more leads.

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Free up your sales team

A calculator or wizard automatically generates a quote and helps your sales team convert leads.

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Boost user experience

Interactive toolkit offers an engaging and rewarding experience for users.

Choose your features and we’ll create it

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An interactive tool boosts engagement with your target audience by encouraging them to interact with the page itself. For example, a green energy retrofit company’s website may have an energy upgrade calculator that visitors can use to calculate their savings. 

Interactive tools such as calculators encourage repeat business and brand loyalty, and they are a highly effective method of gathering qualified leads, as users generally need to supply information to gain results from the toolkit.

Use a digital agency: An established digital marketing agency will have teams of experts in complementary departments, from digital marketing to design and development. They will create the toolkit quickly and professionally, based on your chosen metrics and KPIs. 

You will also have a more accurate estimate of time and budget needed to create the toolkit, compared with creating it in-house. 

An agency will also have a portfolio of previous projects, so you will have an idea of how the finished product will look. 

Build it in-house — building your interactive toolkit in-house will cost less, and the team assigned to the project will be more familiar with the company and its processes, and will be more professionally invested in its success. 

However, creating a calculator in-house needs a lot of work, with a steep learning curve if your team is learning from scratch. It may be a stretch to learn SEO, web design, development and content writing. 

Use pre-built customisable calculator platforms: Some sites offer online tools to create your own interactive calculator, which is another low-cost option. However, customisation may be limited, and you may need to test multiple options to find one that suits you and your customers. Even when you create a toolkit, support will be more limited than at an agency who created a bespoke solution. 

Toolkits generate huge value for the user, with fully customised answers to their specific problems.

Gathering qualified leads, as users need to provide information to get customised results and advice.

Create a more engaging and personalised user experience.

Enables your company to collect data about the customer’s pain points, which is valuable research for improving the sales funnel. 

Toolkits can be shareable, which increases the potential of virality if the toolkit offers real value to the customer. 

No, it’s not possible to embed or integrate any of the calculators from the SEAI site. However, the Matrix green energy toolkit can be fully customised to your company, with corporate branding, logos and metrics that are suited to your lead generation strategy. 

The aim of a lead generating landing page is to gather personal information from potential clients. It is the first step in the conversion process, serving as the initial point of contact between your company and potential clients. 

The page tries to convert visitors into leads and  it helps you create your contact list. You may nurture your lead throughout the sales cycle after you have their contact information. Lead generating landing pages may have interactive elements such as embedded calculators or other toolkits.