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It’s all in a “LIKE”…Facebook Likes

 It’s all in a “LIKE”…Facebook Likes When we talk about measuring the effects of digital marketing efforts, some companies wonder how we can put a $ or € monetary value on it. Whether that be through a blog post like this, Pay-per-click ads or a Facebook “LIKE”.  Let’s look at the “LIKE”, hitting that big […]


Scholarships that will make me Cool! I want it!!

If you don’t know Digital, who are you? Its the word on every marketeer’s lips. Digital Scholarships are out there!We are growing at a huge rate and have recently taken on two new digital marketeers to help our clients to grow even more! We know there is a chance to grow digital marketing talent here […]


Globalisation – is the world flat ?

Globalisation – The world is flat In the middle ages, the misconception that the earth being flat was finally put to bed by astronomers and explorers. Now in the most connected era in history, the argument is surfacing again – albeit in relation to technology this time. American author Thomas Friedman ( in this book ) […]


Want More Website Interaction ?

Do You Want More Website Interaction ? If you are promoting or selling your products/services online you are probably looking for an edge. Your competitors are just a click away, so here are some ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. Social Media channels (facebook / twitter etc.) are still a great method […]


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” That is a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci who ( as far as we know ) was never introduced to the concept of the internet, never mind search engines, impressions, click through rates etc. Many of today’s modern day inventive minds are increasingly returning to the concept of simplicity after […]


Online Buying restrictions – A sign of things to come ?

Online Buying restrictions – A sign of things to come ? It has been reported that the Argentine government are introducing new online buying restrictions to restrict their citizens from buying online internationally. Online shoppers in Argentina buying goods from abroad will now have to collect their goods from a customs office, sign a declaration and […]

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