5 Signs You Need a New Website

Developing and launching a new website is a big task, and it’s easy to put it on a long finger.

It’s a bit like those household tasks we dread and ignore as long as possible.  And like those jobs at home, once we get a new site up and running and see the difference, we kick ourselves for delaying the benefits of getting it done.  So how do you know if your company needs a new website?  Websites don’t have ‘best before dates on them.  But you can look for these five signs your current site has outlived its usefulness.

  1. It isn’t designed for mobile. People are using their smartphones and tablets more and their desktop computers less.  If your website design doesn’t put mobile users first and foremost, you’re falling behind and will lose touch with your audience as they shift to using their devices instead of their desktop computers.
  2. People aren’t staying on it and engaging. People have higher expectations and less patience than ever before.  If it takes too much effort to navigate your site, they won’t.  If your site isn’t intuitive and straightforward, it needs to be replaced with one that has UX as its foundation.
  3. It isn’t consistent with your other marketing. Is your site part of your overall marketing strategy?  Is it reinforcing your brand’s image with visuals and content?  Does it have a consistent voice sending a consistent message to your audience?  If your brand image has evolved and left your website behind, it’s time for a new one.
  4. Your analytics are dropping. The number doesn’t lie.   If your sales are declining or people are spending less time on your website – or if fewer people are finding it – you need to do something.  You might need to revamp the site you have, but if your site doesn’t bounce back after updating your content and improving your SEO, you need a new site.
  5. It doesn’t do what you want. Does it still reflect your company and products? Or have you outgrown it? Has your company decided to grow from selling at your locations to selling online? Is the goal of your website in line with what you need? Do you have a clear goal for your website?  If you’ve simply staked out your online territory, your website is not living up to its potential to boost sales and you probably need a new one with improved functionality to engage your audience.

The goal isn’t a website with every new trend and function out there.  The goal is a website that converts visitors to solid sales leads.  The whole point of your business website is to increase your sales.  To do that, it needs to be irresistible to your audience.  It doesn’t matter which colours or visuals are hot this year, but it matters which ones appeal to your market.  If your website is just taking up cyberspace and not pulling its weight, you need a new one that will add some muscle to your marketing.

Right now, Matrix Internet is offering great discounts on brochures and e-commerce websites.  Talk to us about what your company needs, and we’ll help you get the right site for you.

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