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We are a full service digital agency with in-house specialists in User Experience, Social Media,
Web Development, Graphic Design, Programming, Ecommerce Strategy and Digital Marketing.

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Software Development

What is ‘Software’?

Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific operations. Our objective when developing software is to write a program that does the job of a current manual task. This operation is done via Internet instead of running on a local PC. Facebook & Internet banking are examples of powerful programmes which operate in the cloud and perform incredible feats of computing while the oblivious user only needs the internet and a browser.

How can Software help your organisation?

Software (cloud based) applications give small / medium sized organisations access to levels of power and flexibility that previously were only available to large corporations. Improving technology and broadband speeds have opened up huge opportunities for businesses to utilise modern trends such as cloud, mobile, social and big data. Matrix have in-house expertise in all of these areas and can help your business or organisation to get ahead.

Why you should create a specific software for your systems / processes :

  • improve flexibility / agility – scalable
  • business continuity
  • lessen the reliance and investment in hardware and maintenance
  • tighten security and control – improve data backup options
  • avail of powerful capabilities and computing power
  • make use of powerful reporting and information tools
  • portability – remote teams can work across secure multiple locations

Creatively developed apps that perform

We have highly skilled software developers who can create the most innovative and cutting edge systems that are completely custom built for your needs ensuring they are highly interactive, easy to use and functional. Our developers are technically accomplished as well as highly creative so not only will your software system be functional, but it will look good too, reflecting the uniqueness of your brand and your business.

We are very open to discuss any of your requirements and advise you on what we think is the best course of action all of it with no-obligations. We are also very happy to provide you with references or case studies of past projects that we have successfully built.

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