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We are a full service digital agency with in-house specialists in User Experience, Social Media,
Web Development, Graphic Design, Programming, Ecommerce Strategy and Digital Marketing.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

1. Cut Acquisition Costs

We have outlined the “Matrix Approach” below, which is our main point of difference to any other agency in the country. We work with our customers to ensure that they are getting the best results from their Email Marketing campaigns. Why do email marketing? Here are our four big reasons:

The cost of acquiring customers today is potentially the largest part of a company’s time and monetary investment. By using Email Marketing, we can help your company to reduce these acquisition costs and lead in time. Email marketing is useful for nurturing and maintaining current relationships with clients. It can range from relevant and timely digital marketing campaigns that will draw the attention of the prospective customer and increase engagement rates.

2. Identify Challenges & Opportunities

Matrix takes pride in understanding your business, which in turn helps us identify the challenges your business faces, from client retention to brand recognition or increasing sales. We can help you to build an email marketing solution that will help you overcome most challenges, allowing your company to focus on the leads that have come about as a result of our other efforts.

3. Take aim of what we want to achieve

Once we have agreed what the challenges and opportunities have been in the past, we collaboratively build a marketing plan, including the design of an Email Marketing plan and creative solutions that will impact your audience.

4. Solutions Customized to your Company

When you sign up with Matrix, we will meet with you to identify goals for our email campaign and decide how these will be measured. This will then lead to a design framework which will ensure your campaign achieves these goals. If you want to increase sales of stock or bookings or engage current customers, we have a fully tailored marketing strategy to suit the needs of your business.

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