The Google Menagerie: Understanding SEO and Google Updates

Why does Google keep making updates?

Google is undoubtedly the biggest and best search engine in the world. Google stays at the top of the search engine hierarchy by presenting results in order of relevance and quality.

This means that they try to make sure you have the most efficient experience possible when you use Google to search for something. Google does this in part by using crawlers, which crawl through your site to analyse it for relevancy and quality.

The score your site receives will correspond to its place in the chain of Google results.
This is where updates like Google Penguin and Google Panda come in – these updates slightly adjusted how Google assesses sites.

What is Google Penguin?

Regular updates keep Google Penguin relevant. Its purpose is to combat spam and sites trying to cheat Google’s SEO ranking system.

Google Penguin specialises in detecting bad links. Unethical SEO techniques will negatively affect your website and push you lower in Google’s SEO rankings.

However, a number of sources at Google have said that sites affected by Google Penguin just need to start building good links to recover their lost SEO standing. The newest iteration of Google Penguin is less harsh than previous versions and now only affects the ranking of the single, faulty URL in question, rather than the ranking of an entire site.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is another SEO tool that nobly fights against SEO corruption and spam, like “content farms” that use unethical methods to get their results at the top. With Google Panda, low-quality pages are given less of an SEO boost and high-quality pages come first. The update reportedly resulted in a rise in social media and news sites and it was a blow to sites containing a lot of advertising.

Due to the amount of secrecy surrounding Google updates, a veritable mountain of myths and rumours developed over how Google Panda discerns between high and low-quality pages. To learn all you need to know about Google Panda, check out this guide to Google Panda and how it affects your SEO rankings.

Will there be a Google Pangolin?

Most likely there will be another Google update. Google has become the powerhouse of the digits here partially because of its ability to constantly adapt. As Google puts out more updates however you can bet that we’ll be on top of them and learning how best to optimise search results in each iteration of Google.

Who can help me with more of this search engine stuff?

We can! Contact the SEO magicians at Matrix to learn about how your site’s SEO can be adjusted to best serve your business and put you in the search engine limelight.

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