The great power of Social Media

Many of us pale and get a little clammy when we start thinking about social media use, especially in a professional context. The power of social media marketing is undeniable – we have all heard of people whose careers have risen out of ashes due to clever social media use, and small businesses whose engaging or creative campaigns have skyrocketed them into the commercial limelight. Now, more than ever, the power of social media is evident. However, with the ability to promote oneself instantly, to potentially thousands of people internationally, is daunting. That hesitation increases when we remember the out-of-touch corporate social media posts of the past which quickly became fodder for particularly vicious tweets and memes.

With so many extravagant social media posts getting attention and even affecting international policy, it can be difficult to determine what will push the line of acceptability too far. Sometimes it works for companies to push the boundaries with social media and sometimes it really, really doesn’t.

The trick is to know how to make social media work for you and your company. To harness the power of online communication and visibility while avoiding the pitfalls which have embarrassed and set back many a company.


Ensuring your social media profile is on-trend and appropriate can be tricky, however, a deep level of expertise and experience with social media and the web helps. Experience of the fluctuations which have taken place in online communication and marketing over the last decade provides insight into which new trends will last and which are merely a soon-to-be-embarrassing fad.

Well-designed, tailored, and consistent social media use can help develop every company’s online profile. Matrix Internet ensures that a company’s social media personality flourishes through a multivalent approach to social media which combines Matrix’s extensive experience with digital marketing, design, user experience, and website development. This layered approach allows Matrix to give well-rounded, complete assessments of social media profiles.

Matrix ensures that every social media channel is updated regularly with relevant content that is up to date with current trends. In addition, careful monitoring of your site’s statistics ensures that your company remains on an upwards trajectory and that views and engagements are as frequent as you need them to be. Social media isn’t a one-time thing that you can wash your hands of after completing–it requires constant care and attention, and Matrix Internet has the level of expertise and experience to help your social media profile flourish.

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