How To Shape The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If your company relies heavily on Social Media to market your brand then it is vital that you develop a Social Tone that fits your business criteria.

Your social tone offers people an insight about the personality of your company and can go a long way towards building a strong relationship with your customers.

There are a number of questions you should examine before going about establishing your social tone.

What Is Your Business Persona & Culture?

This is crucial towards determining your tone. Always take a look at the nature of your business and the brand image you want to project to the public. Ask yourself this:

  • Are you going to be outgoing and fully interactive?
  • Or are you going to take the subtle and reserved approach?

For example an insurance company wouldn’t share funny posts/tweets or run competitions and caption contests. They would wish to project themselves in a more formal and professional businesslike manner. On the flip side a bar/nightclub would be more liberal and engaging with their content and encourage regular interaction with their customers.

What Style Of Language Will You use?

This will determine the style of your posts and the wording used in your content. The wording used and the language spoken will have a huge impact in how the brand is perceived by the general public.

Always use the language that fits in most appropriately with the brand. If a serious tone is required then it’s best to avoid shorthand text speak or the use of emoticons. If your brand is that of a sportswear manufacturer or a chain of gyms then it is best to use an inspirational tone with the use of positive wording and quotes in your content.

If the brand speaks the same language as its customers then a rapport can be built quite quickly. Try to be courteous at all times and never appear dismissive or condescending in your wording.

What Is Your Purpose On Social Media?

Here the company must ask the reason for their Social Media presence. It may be to market a product or service or the aim might be to provide a news and entertainment service.

Every purpose calls for a different tone. For instance; a news or educational outlet will need to take a serious, informative and engaging tone while a business such as a car dealership will have to take a more sales oriented and confident tone while maintaining a high engagement level.

Once a company establishes their general purpose they will then be able to go about setting the appropriate tone for their brand.


Finding the right social tone is essential. If done correctly a company’s Social Media presence can be a huge success. Giving the brand a voice and a personality and building a certain perception of the company that people will instantly recognise could be extremely advantageous.

The way the tone is set will greatly influence how people will interact with a specific channel. Using the wrong tone may result in your brand being perceived as unprofessional and inept so it is crucial that you get it 100% right.

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