All you need to know about Facebook’s Dynamic Adverts

What are Facebook’s Dynamic Ads?

Facebook has recently rolled out their Dynamic Ads update with the seductive line: “Set up dynamic adverts once, then let them work for you.”

Now, most of us who have worked in marketing are naturally skeptical of claims like this. Usually the only products or services that work for you are crock pots and well, people like us here at Matrix that will work for you.

However, Facebook’s Dynamic Adverts update really does minimise a lot of the work involved in advertising on Facebook. Dynamic Ads look just like normal ads, the difference is behind the scenes.

Unlike normal ads, with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, you can create a single ad template and a product catalogue – Facebook draws from both of these to develop multiple ads. Through the use of a Facebook Dynamic Ads pixel on your site, you also are able to gather data on customer behavior and interests.

When developing your templates, try to segment your target audiences into relatively specific groups so that your targeted ads will be tailored to their interests; this way you will avoid alienating them through the use of a stilted and overused tone.

If done right, these ads save you a massive amount of time because you will be able to focus on the interests of specific demographics and build ads for them that Facebook will continually generate. You won’t have to play guessing games and cast wide nets that return empty, and you won’t have to constantly build new ads from scratch.

Importantly, with Dynamic Adverts, you can focus on specific demographics who have already taken an action on your site or app, this doesn’t have to mean that they’ve clicked through a number of your products – it also can mean that they have read a number of your blog posts. On the other hand, you can still target wide demographics using Facebook’s Dynamic Ads.

The benefits of Facebook’s Dynamic Adverts are, according to Facebook, the ability to:

  • Scale your ads creation: Promote all of your products with unique ad creative without having to configure each individual ad.
  • Find new potential customers: Set up your campaigns once and keep reaching new people with the right product at the right time.
  • Show the right products: Show the most relevant products from your catalog based on products people viewed on your website or in your app.
  • Reach people anywhere: Show ads to people on mobile, desktop, and tablets on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

Notably, Dynamic Ads are fully responsive and communicate across devices – so if a user looks at one of your products on her phone, she could see an ad for the same product when she next uses her laptop. This development is really important for ensuring that your products receive maximal visibility and that your site and its ads are fully responsive.

What are some example of successful Facebook Dynamic Ad campaigns?

A number of significant businesses and companies are already utilising Facebook’s Dynamic Ads. Spain’s leading hotel chain, Meliá Hotels International, utilises Facebook’s Dynamic Adverts through targeting select demographics from around the world with Facebook ads which feature packages, rates, and services the individual has searched for before and therefore is most likely to want.

This hyper-efficiency saves Meliá Hotels time and money and also benefits the customers as their time isn’t wasted with ads they are unlikely to be interested in.

Flavors of My City is another company which has successfully used Facebook’s Dynamic Ads. This small food retailer started out with just a Facebook page and a dedication to providing treats and sweets from over 100 cities around India to homesick Indians living abroad. Flavors of My City rapidly grew once the company began to finesse its Facebook marketing techniques.

Flavors of My City used Dynamic Ads to retarget audiences based on data they received in regards to customers’ last website visit, visit duration, and products that were viewed, added to cart, and purchased. With the help of these nuanced marketing techniques, Flavors of My City is now a burgeoning retailer that is expanding more and more every year.

The key to success with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads is to remain vigilant and continually check that your targeted messaging is updated and that your Facebook catalogue’s stock availabilities and sales are accurately reflecting your own stock lists and sales.

With a little attention and maintenance, Facebook’s Dynamic Ads can save you significant time and effort that you can reinvest back into improving your business.

To learn more about advertising on Facebook and how the digital marketing team at Matrix Internet can help you, contact us today!

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