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Online Advertising 101: What Works Best?

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Extended AdWords Ads & Price Extensions

Google Ads is an ever-changing platform. Many accounts are optimised and refined until they get to the strong point and then left on auto-pilot from... Read More

Google Ads Changes Announced

Google announced a number of  upcoming changes and updates to Google Ads at its Google Performance Summit this week. The updates came from the senior management... Read More

Online Flashing Banned By Google

Google have announced that they will be begin banning display ads which use Adobe Flash from its advertising networks starting June this year, with an... Read More

Google Ads Special Offer: Game On!

As an accredited Google Partner, Matrix Internet work very closely with Google's internal AdWords strategists to ensure that all of our client's pay-per-click campaigns are... Read More

Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click Trends For 2016

The world of ecommerce pay-per-click advertising is built on ever-shifting sands. Google Ads regularly release new features that advertisers have to keep up with in order... Read More

Matrix Exclusive: Sign Up For Our €150 Google Ads Offer

Matrix Internet are delighted to announce the introduction of our exclusive Google Ads pay-per-click offer this month. We have been afforded access to this fantastic... Read More

5 Google Ads Tips For a Small Budget

So you're a small business looking to start an Google Ads pay per click campaign, your budget is tight so you have to be stringent.... Read More

5 Key Google Ads Tips To Help Your Business

Using pay-per-click on Google Ads doesn't have to be as costly as you may think. As Google will tell you, you don't necessarily have to... Read More

5 Quick Tips To Help Improve your Google Places Listing

According to Google one out of five searches relates to a location and Google places is an important facility for this aspect. Let's face it... Read More