Matrix Exclusive: Sign Up For Our €150 Google Ads Offer

Matrix Internet are delighted to announce the introduction of our exclusive Google Ads pay-per-click offer this month.

We have been afforded access to this fantastic offer due to our status as fully accredited Google Partners and we are proud to offer this incentive to both our existing and future clients.

Some companies are reluctant to begin a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign for their business due to fears about incurring high costs and inefficiency.

While this can certainly occur it will only affect who jump in straight away without professional consultation about relevant keywords or adequate budgets. You can discover how to avoid these pitfalls by reading our informative recent blog piece.

Why Choose AdWords?

The reality is this; if managed correctly, AdWords really can deliver leads / sales to your business. This is where Matrix can help. If you sign up with us our dedicated team of experts will plan, implement and maintain your PPC campaign in a highly efficient and professional manner while producing a consistently high standard of results for your business.

We also will provide regular up-to-date feedback about the progress of your campaign and we will also remain on hand at all times to offer advice and insight.

Still undecided?… Well how about this…if you spend up to €150 in your first month with us we will match your AdWord spend in your second month. So essentially for as little as €150 or less you can test your actual AdWords budget in real-time for two months.

If you’re planning to work off a moderate budget then our handy guide can help you decide which approach to take.

The offer applies exclusively to businesses without an existing AdWords account and this months offer expires on August 31st.

If you wish to find out more about our exclusive AdWords Offer and discover how Matrix Internet can help your business grow through PPC advertising then why not get in touch with us.

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