5 Google Ads Tips For a Small Budget

So you’re a small business looking to start an Google Ads pay per click campaign, your budget is tight so you have to be stringent.

Or so you think, here’s the thing, you can actually get the maximum benefit from Google Ads on a tight budget by keeping it smart and simple.

Below are 5 valuable tips to help you get the most from Google Ads for your small business.

Use Unique Keywords

You research all the keywords relevant to your business and discover most of them are ultra competitive and  fall above or match your maximum CPC bid, so what do you do? The answer is simple, make them long tailed, the more unique your keyword the less prevalent it is.

Here’s an example, lets say you own a barber shop in North Dublin, the CPC on the keyword “barber shop dublin”  is above your maximum bid, how about extending the keyword to “barber shop dublin north” this will bring your CPC down and give you more value for your money.

Use Ad Scheduling

Unless you’re a large company with a bottomless budget it is seriously unwise to run constant adverts 24/7, sure it’s constant exposure but what of the cost?

This is why scheduling your ad is hugely important as it lets you only show your ad on certain days or at certain times of the day, for example let’s go back to the barber shop, let’s say you open 5 days a week Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm, wouldn’t it make an awful lot more sense to run your ad’s during the days you open and times of business? Always think smart when scheduling your ads.

Use Geo-targeting

This is pretty straight forward, if you’re a small business it’s probable that you are only operating in a certain area so by using Geo-targeting your ads only reach the radius you have set.

Think about where your clientele is based, if you are a barber shop in Dublin you’re not going to get any benefit from people in Cork clicking on your advert! So keep your target location specific.

Use Negative Keywords

This is essential in weeding out traffic that’s unlikely to convert, make sure to start by researching the search query report found in the keyword section of your campaigns..

Let’s say for instance you are selling designer jeans, you would want want to filter out people looking for “fake jeans” wouldn’t you? use the negative keywords most relevant to your business or most irrelevant so to speak!

Quality Landing Page

This is important, after putting all that effort in to maximise the cost effectiveness of your CPC campaign it is essential to provide a good quality landing page experience on your website.

A good quality landing page goes a long way in improving your quality score which in turn can lower the cost of your CPC bids, so think smart, the more work you put into your landing page the more benefits you will get out of it.

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