4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

What will help your brand boost sales in 2018? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know digital marketing. It’s what we do every day. And we see four key trends emerging for 2018 that will give some extra muscle to your marketing. To draw in new leads, engage meaningfully and close more sales in the new year, you’ll need to do these four things.

  • Tweak Your Social Media: Social is a constantly evolving game. What worked so well last year will flop next year. In 2018, you’ll need to pay to boost your Facebook posts to get real reach, and you might need to consider paid ads as well. Facebook Live is hot and getting hotter. The platform is pushing it, and people like it. So if you haven’t tried it, make a New Years’ resolution to do it. Instagram is gaining power while Twitter is fading. Don’t abandon your Twitter account! But focus more on Instagram.
  • Expand Your SEO: Sprinkling keywords in your content naturally is still essential, but as images become more and more important, they must be optimized as well. People are visual creatures. We like to look at pictures, and technology is increasingly sophisticated in allowing us to examine images online with zoom features. Good images are vital to sell online, and optimizing them well ensures people can find them easily.
  • Focus Your Blogging: The internet is flooded with content. People are using more focused and detailed search terms, and they want specific answers to their questions. To stay ahead, focus your blog topics. Address specific questions and concerns your audience has. Your blog is a vital tactic to keep your page high up in the search engine results page, and we recommend blogging at least twice a month to show the search engines your content is fresh. But you need quality, detailed, focused content that establishes your expertise and directs people to specific pages and products.
  • Increase Your Personalization: People are developing higher expectations of a personalized experience online. Just as your blog topics need to become very focused, so too does all of your digital marketing. That means segmenting your lists to better give people just what they want. It also means enhancing the interactive features of your website such as live chat and detecting their location to further tailor their experience.

Digital marketing, like life, does not come with any guarantees. But these four trends are emerging as strong factors for 2018, and embracing them will boost your chances of success. The internet is a vast and crowded place.  Keeping up to date on emerging trends can help you reach your target market and motivate them to engage with and eventually purchase from your brand.

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