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3 Tips for Better Website Navigation

It does not matter how pretty your website is if people can’t find what they want instantly. Of course, you do also want your site to look good, but the primary thing is that people can navigate it easily.  If you are selling something, your visitors need to know exactly what it is and how […]


Make Your PPC Ads Stronger in 2018

Pay per click advertising is still going strong. When done correctly, it is a powerful and affordable tool to draw new people to your audience. Like everything with digital marketing, it is constantly evolving. So if your brand is going to dive into PPC for the first time in 2018 or revamp an established campaign, […]


3 Tips for Compelling Video Tutorials

Video is hot and getting hotter as a digital marketing tactic. Brands can use video in many ways on their websites and social media. All of the options will strengthen their marketing. You can use video to give your audience a tour of your facilities, some insight into how you make your products or tutorials […]


New Year’s Resolutions for Successful Blogging

The new year is a great chance to assess how you could up your blogging game. Your brand’s blog is a potentially very powerful way to attract your audience, engage with them and demonstrate your expertise, helpfulness and responsiveness. It doesn’t close sales, but it does power the engine of your inbound marketing. How can […]


4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

What will help your brand boost sales in 2018? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know digital marketing. It’s what we do every day. And we see four key trends emerging for 2018 that will give some extra muscle to your marketing. To draw in new leads, engage meaningfully and close more […]


Emoji Are Taking Over the World

If you are worried about some sort of alien invasion, you should be looking closer to home.  We are being invaded and taken over. But not by space aliens or ‘big brother’ bureaucracy.  The invader is of our own creation.  And they are generally yellow, not green.  Emoticons and emoji are making inroads on the […]


6 Tips for a Better Online Shopping Basket

People don’t decide to buy from your website because they heard great things about how easy to use your online shopping basket is. It isn’t going to draw people to your site or make them want your products. But it can frustrate a web visitor to the point that they abandon the basket, or it […]


Getting More Engagement Online at Christmas

By now, the Christmas shopping season is in high gear. Many of those looking for presents online now are feeling a bit of pressure.  And that is a fantastic opportunity for online retailers to step up their game. Those worried shoppers need help and reassurance.  Delivering it is the way to convert those visitors to […]


‘Tis the Season to Analyse Your Web Stats

If you are selling online, this should be a very busy time for you. And that means it is an excellent time to review your metrics and see exactly what people are doing on your website. If your business is not using Google Analytics to understand visitor behaviour on your site, you are missing out […]

marketing and taglines

All About Taglines

Your business needs a short, strong tagline. A tagline is a few words that sum up what you do or explain the character of your brand. It sets you apart from the competition and gives people an easy way to remember and associate you with what you sell. Taglines don’t have to focus on products. […]

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