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uber getting it wrong

Uber: Getting It All Wrong

Sometimes a company hits the headlines for an innovative new development that gives their customers exactly the right thing in the right way or for an irresistible marketing campaign.  And other times, the company is Uber getting in more hot water for making a mess of things.  Now the app that links drivers and riders […]

what do they want to buy

What Do They Really Want to Buy from You?

Knowing what your customers really want to buy from you is the key to successful marketing. What do they want? It sounds at first like a ridiculously simple and obvious question.  But what they want is not just the tangible item they are paying to obtain.  It’s more nuanced and intangible. A person purchasing a […]

Internet Driving

Internet of Things Making Driving Safer

Are you planning to buy a new car next year?  You might want to wait until April. Next April, the internet of things will shift up a gear on the Irish roads.  New cars will be equipped with a feature that uses GPS tracking to alert emergency services in the event of an accident.  This […]

Twitter character count

What Does Twitter’s New Character Count Mean for You?

Twitter recently announced that it is expanding the number of characters permitted per tweet.  Tweets have been limited to 140 characters since the platform’s debut, but now they are doubling that to 280 characters.  Obviously, this means you can say more per tweet.  But it doesn’t mean you necessarily should! Twitter is all about fast-flowing, […]

Website redesign

When Is the Best Time to Redesign Your Website?

Timing is critical in marketing.  A savvy marketer is careful about the timing of everything from posting on Facebook to promoting sales to redesigning a website.  A website might need a redesign for many reasons.  It can be that the design is simply stale and failing to attract people or that it offers poor user […]

Instagram for Business

Instagram’s Ever-Changing Options

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels.  The number of users recently passed the 800 million mark. People love pictures, so it makes sense that we love a platform focused on sharing photos quickly and easily.  Instagram’s latest change is to their popular Stories feature.  Initially, this feature was created to allow […]

online sales leads

How Can You Reassure Online Sales Leads?

If your website is getting plenty of visitors but not many sales, it might be that people are not willing to take a chance on your company.  Why not?  They need reassurance.  This is especially hard for new companies because they don’t have an established reputation.  But some simple changes to the website can do […]

website photos

Making Your Website Picture Perfect

Visuals are critical to catching the eye of visitors to your website.  Before people read the words, they see the overall graphic design of your site and the photos.  If what they see fails to grab their attention, they are less likely to read the text.  The photos you chose set the tone for your […]


3 Tips to Get Your Email Newsletter Read

A newsletter is a staple of an email marketing campaign, and if you get it right, people do want to read them.  But what is right? What is it that actually gets people to open that email and read that newsletter? All inbound marketing works on the same principle.  You give people information they want […]

location marketing

5 Ways Irish Businesses Can Use Their Location to Market

No matter what kind of business you have, you can use your company’s location to help you move up the search engine results page.  Even if your customers never come to your physical premises, your location is a key part of your brand.  It is one of the things that sets your company apart.  The […]

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