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PSD2 ready

What’s PSD2 and how does that affect my business?

You might have come across the news about certain legislation coming into effect from September 14th. In case you haven’t heard of it, from the middle of the following month onwards, the European Union and the European Economic Area will need to follow specific rules to receive electronic and online payments. The rules are called […]

Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck

Why does your business need a Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck?

Being present online is not an option anymore: it’s an obligation. This can be done throughout a website, on the most popular social media platforms, a blog with constant updates or even a mobile application. But more than merely setting up a landing page and a Facebook profile, your brand needs to convey your story, […]

Online Trolls

Trolls, Bad Reviews, and Online Ugliness

The Internet’s ability to connect us with strangers around the world is a double-edged sword. For marketing purposes, it is incredibly powerful but something happens to some people when they get online. Some people lose all inhibition and behave like obnoxious trolls on holidays. Others do that every time they get online. So as a marketer presenting […]

The Happy Pear

The Success of The Happy Pear: A Case Study

The Happy Pear seem to be everywhere. Their quirky and playful Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook presence won the Bord Bia Digital Marketing back in 2013, 2015 and 2017.  From headstands to avocados, how did The Happy Pear use their Social Media presence to be become so successful? They have a worldwide audience and fans who […]

Sales Funnel

Understanding the Sales Funnel

The process of attracting potential customers and motivating them to make a purchase is not a simple two-step job. Digital marketing is based on the idea of the sales funnel, the multi-step journey that people take from being unaware of your brand to deciding to spend their money on it. Understanding the concept of the […]

Update Images

When to Update Your Images

Your website isn’t static – or at least, it shouldn’t be. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is thinking that once they have their website designed, they do not have to update their images.  Most people understand they need a website redesign every few years. Despite this,  we forget that we need to constantly […]

web navigation

3 Tips for Better Website Navigation

It does not matter how pretty your website is if people can’t find what they want instantly. Of course, you do also want your site to look good, but the primary thing is that people can navigate it easily.  If you are selling something, your visitors need to know exactly what it is and how […]


3 Tips for Compelling Video Tutorials

Video is hot and getting hotter as a digital marketing tactic. Brands can use video in many ways on their websites and social media. All of the options will strengthen their marketing. You can use video to give your audience a tour of your facilities, some insight into how you make your products or tutorials […]


New Year’s Resolutions for Successful Blogging

The new year is a great chance to assess how you could up your blogging game. Your brand’s blog is a potentially very powerful way to attract your audience, engage with them and demonstrate your expertise, helpfulness and responsiveness. It doesn’t close sales, but it does power the engine of your inbound marketing. How can […]


4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

What will help your brand boost sales in 2018? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know digital marketing. It’s what we do every day. And we see four key trends emerging for 2018 that will give some extra muscle to your marketing. To draw in new leads, engage meaningfully and close more […]

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