Unlocking success in business — the power of digital audits

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, online businesses must adapt to meet customer needs and stay ahead of competitors. A successful digital strategy considers each digital area, incrementally improving the overall digital presence.

A digital audit is the most comprehensive way to analyse every aspect of your online presence, and it’s more effective if it’s performed by an external team of experts, to offer a fresh and independent assessment.

As a full-service digital agency Matrix Internet has invested a lot of resources into perfecting our auditing process, and it’s often the first path to success for our clients. In the last five years, Matrix Internet has conducted over 400 audits for companies, through programmes coordinated by Enterprise Ireland, IE Domain Registry, the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and Retail Excellence.

Most recently, we have participated in two Enterprise Ireland digital audit pilot programmes — the Digital Marketing Review and the Digital Marketing Assessment. This new focus by Enterprise Ireland highlights the growing need for companies to engage in analysis and reflection as a basis for continual digital growth.

UX Design Checks

Each audit is a comprehensive digital health check, offering clients a detailed appraisal from an independent team of experts. Matrix performs a detailed evaluation of each core digital area, with an updated strategy based on recommended action points.

The Matrix Digital Audit covers the following digital touchpoints, each assessed by a Matrix department leader or expert in this field:

Branding and UI design: How successfully the brand is expressed, and how effective is the site’s UI design?

UX design: Does the website offer a seamless and intuitive user experience?

Content: Does the writing, imagery and overall message serve the brand and the company’s value proposition?

Advertising and PPC: Are targeting, messaging, ad placement and conversion tracking yielding the right results?

Coding: An assessment of your site’s coding foundation, including your content management system, hosting services, HTML and SSL cert.

Cybersecurity: Assessment of all security measures, including encryption, data protection and vulnerability assessments.

SEO visibility: How does the site rank on search engine results pages? An assessment of keyword usage, metadata, site structure, and more.

Social media: How effective is social media content, framed around engagement, reach, audience targeting and messaging?

Email marketing: How is your email template and tone of voice, distribution channels, click-through rates and subscriber engagement?

Data and analytics: An assessment of tools such as GA4, Google Tag Manager and Search Console, to see if they’re helping you make data-driven decisions.

International localisation: Evaluating the effectiveness of localised content and campaigns in resonating with international target markets.

SportsKey — Digital audit as a roadmap for success


One of Matrix Internet’s most recent digital audit success stories is with SportsKey — an Irish company that develops and sells software for management, scheduling, and online booking for sports facilities.

SportsKey has a wide target audience globally in numerous sectors, including schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, parks and community centres, and needed a digital audit to help steer a digital improvement programme.

Matrix conducted a full digital audit for SportsKey, aiming to help the company analyse, understand, develop and improve all digital channels, and give SportsKey a competitive edge in export markets, including the USA and UK..

The Matrix team analysed 10 of SportsKey’s core digital areas, each broken down to subcategories and analysed and rated. These 10 scores were compiled to offer an overall result, and key recommendations, including:

  • Recommendations in accessibility and user interface (UI)
  • Content action points and messaging
  • User testing
  • Online ad campaign insights
  • GDPR and data compliance
  • Strategic advice for separate social media channels
  • Developing international case studies

“Matrix’s digital audit was a chance for us to get a comprehensive overview of all our digital processes. They took a deep dive into all the key areas,” said SportsKey founder and CEO Craig Bewley.

“The audit gave us a list of effective action points that we’re using to improve our whole digital offering. It’s been a great experience to get an objective appraisal and advice from experts.”


Digital Marketing Team
Picture: Bríd O’Donovan

The Matrix deep dive

In the ultra-competitive business world it’s difficult to self-assess all your processes, and how they could be improved. The Matrix Digital Audit is a chance to take a step back and let a team of digital experts identify your strengths and quick wins, as well as gaps and areas that need to be improved.

Hundreds of companies in many sectors have used the process as a strong foundation for growth, upskilling and ongoing improvement. Get in touch today to see how a customised digital audit can transform your business.

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