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eCommerce and Social Media: five top tips to stay ahead

What is eCommerce and how does it integrate with social media? Most of us have bought jewellery off Etsy, textbooks from Amazon, and limited edition kitsch through Ebay. But what exactly is eCommerce – this wonderful thing that can fill your life with kitsch lunch boxes you never even wanted – and more importantly, how can […]


Driving Bargain Hunters to Your Site

Everyone loves a bargain.  So when we say you need to drive bargain hunters to your website, we don’t mean you should be marketing to tightwads who are loathed to spend any money.  We mean you should strive to attract those people who have a clear need and want to get a bargain on the […]

adwords tips

Google AdWords On A Moderate Budget

When most small business owners think Google AdWords, they automatically think of terms such as “big business”, “high budget”, and “increased marketing spend”. The truth is however, that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an accessible feature to all types of companies. In fact, a successful campaign is achievable even using the most moderate of budgets. Of […]

brochure website

The Importance Of A Brochure Website

If you are not selling over the internet, you might wonder if you really still need a website. After all, you are marketing all over social media and the goal is to get people into your brick and mortar premises. They can’t place an order on your website.  You’ve got all your contact details and opening hours […]

call to action

The Power Of The Call To Action

Your digital marketing strategy has one ultimate particular goal: to invite your potential customers to enter your sales funnel.  To do this, you call them to take a specific action.  A Call to Action (CTA) serves as your direct invitation to them.  Of course, it does not say ‘yoohoo, come buy our stuff!’  The journey […]

online trolls

Is The Internet Set To Tame Online Trolls?

Studies have shown that internet trolls are not happy people.  We’ve all seen the different types of online trolls out there.  The people who pick fights on Facebook posts.  The ones who target public figures with abuse.  The lone trolls and those that roam in packs, following the lead of websites that exist primarily to […]

irish smes

How Can Irish SMEs Compete Online?

According to figures released by Visa, Irish shoppers are being enticed by British websites when they shop online.  The report showed that Irish shoppers are shopping online more, which is no surprise.  It also showed that Irish businesses lost out on a fair bit of Christmas shopping because the exchange rate gave Irish shoppers great […]


Marketing Your Irish Business

Online businesses based in Ireland can gain a home game advantage by reminding their local customers that they are a local business, and Irish businesses selling internationally can also benefit from the country’s generally positive image.  In a world of bland multinational corporations, having an identity can help you stand out.  But that doesn’t mean […]

online shopping

Shopping without Shops

Going shopping no longer means going to an actual store.  If you think the only alternative is sitting at home surfing the net on a desktop or laptop, you’re missing something big.  Very big.  Just as more and more people are choosing mobile devices over computers, they are also choosing to shop on those mobile […]

cyber monday

Is Your Ecommerce Website Ready for Black Friday?

Traditionally, Americans begin their Christmas shopping in earnest after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is on the fourth Thursday of November.  The Black Friday shopping phenomenon has gone global now, and shoppers will be on a shopping binge on the high street and the internet.  They’ll shop until they drop… or until your site crashes. Are […]

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