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We are a full service digital agency with in-house specialists in User Experience, Social Media,
Web Development, Graphic Design, Programming, Ecommerce Strategy and Digital Marketing.

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User Experience

User Experience

At Matrix, we believe that a strong focus on User Experience (UX) is crucial to online success in 2016.

It is no longer good enough to just be online or have an attractive appearance. Here are some reasons why it is more crucial than ever :

  • Rising Bar of Competition – most businesses are now online which creates a competitive space. Your business now needs to differentiate itself – providing a top class UX is the best way to stand out ( and above ) your rivals and gain loyal clients.
  • Expectations – the current generation use top class software ( from Apple, Samsung etc ) every single day so they expect all other digital interactions to have a similar standard of user-friendliness.
  • Time Poor – most people have busy lives, packed with communication, work, entertainment etc. As a company offering a product or service, if you waste the user’s time by providing them with a poor experience – they will get frustrated.
  • Perception – in this era of very vocal internet users, companies live or die by the testimonials of their customers. 95% of people who have a grievance do not officially complain, but tell an average of 10 friends, each of whom are unable to do anything about the problem. On the flip side, a happy customer can often become your best marketing ambassador.

If the user has an experience which is less than pleasant, they will probably leave your website – never to return! When creating a digital strategy, it is necessary to step back and really examine your users.

We are one of the few digital agencies in Ireland who have a dedicated UX team focussing 100% of their time on creating world class user experiences for our clients.

Our Approach

In very broad terms, our approach is all about Engagement – anticipating the needs of the user and giving them a pleasant environment which is designed to convert.

  • Brand DNA and exploration of offering
  • Persona creation, psychological profiling of user needs
  • Benchmarking / competitive environment research
  • UX Planning, zoning and design
  • Strong focus on performance measurement

How does it Work?

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