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Masterclass Workshops by Matrix Internet

Masterclass Workshops by Matrix Internet

Masterclass Workshops for your Digital Channels

Masterclass workshops are essentially exploratory sessions involving several stakeholders in an organisation which are coordinated by UX ( user experience ) / digital professionals. The main objective is to use professional methodologies to challenge the perceptions of the organisation and to discover insights which can provide ambitious goals and the optimum roadmap for future digital projects.

The first stage of any digital project should be research driven. A common mistake that many organisations make is to move too quickly towards graphic design and development.

Having completed over 1250 digital projects in 15 years, we can say with some authority that success ( and failure ) always leave clues. Our most successful projects have been the ones in which we rigorously challenged our client’s thinking and perceptions before we started the development phase.

Too busy for planning?

A common perception among many organisations is that “our staff are too busy” to attend workshops or engage in planning for digital projects. In fact, the most productive workshops involve a healthy number of staff from across all parts of an organisation. A diverse spread of voices can provide the most complete level of feedback and empower all team members to drive the digital project.

Outcomes from Planning Workshops

Here are some benefits that can come from  workshop planning for any digital project :

  • Clarifying your organisation’s DNA –
      • who are you ?
      • what do you stand for ?
      • what are your main values
      • why do clients do business with you ?
      • do you have any USPs ?
  • Understanding your users –
      • who are they ?
      • identify typical personas in your clientele
      • what would stop them becoming a client
      • factors to encourage them to be a client / brand advocate
      • what are their skill levels, IT proficiency etc ?
      • what is the typical circumstances of their need ? ( time frame etc )
      • new opportunities, new types of client
  • Analysing your competitive environment –
      • identifying trends, good innovations
      • discussing bad features
      • forming opinions about the best approach for your organisation
  • Identifying opportunities –
      • how ambitious is the client / project
      • how big is the market ?
      • are there other opportunities, other markets ?
  • Forming a plan –
      • a wireframe or initial website plan
      • foundation blocks of a digital strategy
      • resource planning
      • an ambitious mission statement or set of goals

How to start the process

For any organisation with ambitions for their web presence or digital strategy, the following need to be considered :

  • top level goals or mission
  • timeframe
  • ideal outcomes
  • stakeholders within the organisation

Since 2015, Matrix Internet have been creating / hosting workshops across Ireland and Europe with some fantastic success stories. Our team excel in working with your team to establish a creative, exciting atmosphere in each workshop.

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