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Content Creation

In 1996 Bill Gates famously wrote that when it comes to the Internet “content is king.” Today, almost 20 years later, it holds true more so than ever.

Much like Bill Gates, Search Engines love content. For example, in recent years Google have made several changes to the way they determine rankings giving greater weight to websites which frequently publish high quality content. Businesses that don’t produce regular quality content attract less traffic and find it harder to rank high across search engines.

Attracting more visitors to your website is the most obvious direct benefit of producing high quality content. The creation of intriguing, informative and thought provoking blogs will draw more people to a website. Sharing this content across social media can also strengthen a company’s online presence.

In addition, blogging is also extremely healthy for SEO purposes. Creating content on a frequent basis is likely to result in Search Engines crawling the website more often. The sharing of blog posts will boost the number of inbound links (or backlinks) directed to your website, which in turn will increase the importance of the site in the eyes of  the likes of Google and Yahoo. The website’s ranking for keywords will also be boosted by regular content creation.

Content creation is also an effective way of increasing sales for ecommerce sites. Products can be featured and linked to in blog posts. Calls-to-action should be used to compel readers to take action whether it’s to buy a product or sign up to a mailing list.

Unfortunately, many companies neglect this key aspect of digital marketing. Why? Blogging can be very time consuming. Some people can struggle to think of relevant topics to write about. Others do it but just don’t do it right. That’s where Matrix can help.

At Matrix we take a long-term approach to content creation. In accordance with the client, we create a list of targeted keywords that the site should be ranking for them and utilize them across blog content. Our SEO team create a content calendar to map out future blog posts and work from that. In addition, we keep on top of industry news in order to create content related to relevant, topical issues. We produce content as frequently as our clients wish.

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