What Is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System.  It automates updates to your blog and website.  Some might fear that CMS complicates matters and requires advanced tech skills, but the opposite is true.  A good content management system is easy to use and simplifies updates to your site and blog.  It’s a programme that takes care of all the fiddly technical details for you.

You can find an overwhelming range of CMS options out there.  Some are very basic and minimal, while others involve more detail about the colour and theme of your site.  CMS tools also help you optimize your page to catch the attention of the search engines.   Look for a CMS that offers you tools for page titles and headers, URL structure, meta description and meta tags.

One advantage of a good CMS is that it allows multiple people to update the site and blog.  It doesn’t make all users equally free to make changes, however.  You can set different permissions for different people.  A writer can, for example, put up a draft of a blog post but not be able to make it live.  A manager would need to review it and approve it first.  It gives you the benefits of having several people able to work on the site and blog, while it gives only those with approval the power to make the new content live.

Why We Like HubSpot

Beyond that, how do you find the best CMS solution for your brand?  There’s no one size fits all, which is why we like HubSpot.  It’s not the only solution, but it is flexible and offers a variety of pragmatic tools that make things easier for small and medium businesses.  Big companies have a whole marketing team in-house. But when you are relying just a few people in the company to keep all of your digital marketing going, it’s harder.  Finding a solution that frees up time can have a big impact on your company.

HubSpot offers what they call a Content Optimization System (COS).  It has more comprehensive tools than a standard CMS.  It allows you to create emails as well as web content in one place.  HubSpot’s COS also tailors the experience for each visitor.  It is responsive, so it automatically adjusts to suit a laptop, smart phone or tablet.  All visitors get an optimum view of your content.  It also adapts to personalize the experience based on the user’s location, language, type of device, or other details.  Visitors get calls to action that are relevant to them.  This is a powerful way to draw visitors into your sales funnel and eventually convert them.  Together with the visitor insights HubSpot offers, this COS can help you fine tune your digital marketing for maximum impact.

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