Eigth webinars that’ll help boost your online presence

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our society in countless ways. With thousands of events cancelled worldwide, we now rely on technology to share knowledge, teach, learn and stay in touch with people — all from a distance. Webinars, an already popular platform for launching events and courses to audiences remotely, started dominating the business world.

Below we have selected some of our favourite webinars that will help boost your online presence and kickstart brand growth. 

1 – Selling Online Made Easy: This webinar, organised by Dublin Chamber, features insightful tips for trading online, shared by four specialists: Marian O’Gorman, CEO of the Kilkenny Shop, Diana Valentine, Press and Communications Manager of the European Consumer Centre Ireland, Noel Davidson, Director of Training at the Entrepreneur’s Academy and our very own Jeff Sheridan, founder of Matrix Internet. In the one-hour webinar, they share the retailer’s point of view and the responsibilities of selling online, highlight some COVID-19 Government funding, and offer tips on how to set up your eCommerce. 

If you want to expand and move your business into online trading, this content is the perfect springboard. It’s available on Dublin Chamber’s website (click here).

2 – Leveraging and Managing the Potential of your new Remote Workforce: No matter the size of your company, management and remote working can be difficult areas to master during these unprecedented times. Rachel and Russell Moore from Cork-based consulting and enterprise IT company Aspira lead the webinar, that’s teeming with tips. They’ll teach you how to motivate your team, set targets, keep people safe and informed about your company, and much more. 

This is just one of their helpful webinars they released between April and June, and they cover other topics in the series, from tools to use to facilitate online working, to leadership skills. Click here to watch the full content and visit their website to follow the series. 

3 – Nailing Your Colours to the eCommerce Mast: Part of the DCCI series of webinars for design and crafts, this hour-long programme introduces the reasons why bricks and mortar retail and eCommerce is a marriage made in heaven. Jeff Sheridan presents valuable tips to help retailers of all specialties to boost their strategies and open up omnichannel possibilities. Click here to watch the content.

4 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner webinars: We tried to ask our Development team to list one or two their favourite webinars — a difficult mission as they’re always exploring something new. 

This is where the AWS Partner Webinars come in handy. The platform features live demonstrations, customer use cases and real-time Q&A sessions with AWS experts, among other features. Covering topics from data and analytics to the internet of things (IoT), the platform always offers something new. If you’re a developer, this is the place for you.

5 – Demonstrating Marketing Impact in Newer Times: If you are in the marketing and communications industry, you know that in tough times, industry leaders hit these areas first when they want to reduce budgets and justify spends. Here, APAC Senior Online Sales Director Ashutosh Gupta and Refinitiv Global Director Social Media Kelvin Lee discuss the ways that marketers are measuring success. They also share insights on how to show the importance of marketing investments and provide valuable tips to help businesses of all sizes. You can watch it here.

6 – How to Win at Social Media for Business: Here, our Social Media Specialist Rakky Curvelo breaks down the secrets of social media for people who are launching their business pages. She discusses the best uses of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, navigates critical trends for 2020, advises on the best tools for maintaining an active presence on the channels and talks about the impact of COVID-19 on business. The webinar is hosted by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, and it’s available on their YouTube channel. Click here to view it. 

7 – Brand Building and Social Communication in a Time of Crisis: This pandemic has changed everything about our lives, from the way we work to the way we communicate and connect with people. Hootsuite Content Strategist James Mulvey and Social Engagement Specialist Nick Martin share advice on how to build brand awareness, and the value of social marketing in these challenging circumstances. They also talk about practical ways to run social ads, deal with hostile customers, adjust social strategy for the months ahead and practices to prove your value to leadership. See more here

8 – How to develop a powerful website content strategy: in times like these, it’s vital to create engaging and relevant content for any website.  Digital Culture Network’s Tech Champion for websites, Roberta Beattie presents insights and tips on how to do precisely that. In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to audit, reuse and repurpose content you already have, how to create content that speaks to your visitors and how to get the most out of your website. Our founder Jeff Sheridan and our Social Media and Content Specialist Rakky Curvelo join Roberta in the second part of the webinar, sharing some tools, tricks and tips for teams who wish to breathe life into their content. Click here to watch it.

If, like us, you enjoy learning new skills, online resources such as webinars are a great resource. Our team is always looking for the most innovative ways to offer a bespoke service, in web development, design and digital marketing. If you could use a few extra eyes on a project or the experience of specialists to guide you through a challenging time, give us a shout! We’ll be happy to help.

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