See What You Can Add to AdWords

Google Ads has a new feature that allows people to contact you directly from the search engine results page.  The Click to Message ad extension is out of beta testing, and Google is now rolling it out.  With this extension, someone searching Google for a business in your field will see you at the top of the search results and also see a button to click to send you a text message immediately.  The goal of digital marketing is to get people to make contact with you – and this new feature makes it easier than ever for them to do so.

If you have a venue that takes reservations, such a hotel or a salon, the idea that people could find your business through Google and immediately book is obviously appealing.  But the appeal is wider than that.  People are often looking for something very specific. If they can contact you immediately and see if you have that specific thing, it saves them the time and effort of searching your site… and your competition’s site.  And getting your target market to contact you before they even visit your competition’s site is ideal!

Some Things to Consider First

Before you sign up for this new service, you have a few things to consider.  The Click to Message ad extension sends you an SMS message, so the first thing is to decide how you will receive that message.  Do you have an SMS system in your business or do you use your mobile phone?  Are you prepared to deal with a spike in messages and respond to them?

Will responding to the messages take you away from other tasks?  How can you delegate so your regular tasks get done and you are responding to messages quickly?  If you are going to accept the messages on your mobile, will you have the answers people need to hand?  If you need time to check another system for information and call the potential customer back, that potential customer might be your competition’s actual customer when you reach them again.

Google offers one tool to help you manage the flow of messages.  You can set specific hours for the click to message button to appear, so it is not always there.  (Because yes, someone will click it at 3:00 am your local time if it is there 24/7.)  You can direct the messages to a mobile that different staffers are assigned to at different times.  The key is to decide how you will respond to the messages quickly  with the appropriate information before you get the Google Ads Click to Message extension up and running.

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