How Can You Reassure Online Sales Leads?

If your website is getting plenty of visitors but not many sales, it might be that people are not willing to take a chance on your company.  Why not?  They need reassurance.  This is especially hard for new companies because they don’t have an established reputation.  But some simple changes to the website can do a lot to reassure shoppers that you are a reliable seller of quality merchandise.

You might look at your stats and feel desperate enough to post a video of yourself singing Abba’s hit Take a Chance on Me… “gonna do my very best, and it ain’t no lie/ if you put me to the test, if you let me try…”  But happily, you have other options.

5 Steps to Reassure Sales Leads on Your Website

  1. The top of the list does involve photos and videos of you, but you can skip the singing! People like to see a real person behind a brand. Putting your name and your face to your product shows people that you believe in it.  This is especially powerful for craftspeople selling their creations online. You can show people a bit about yourself and how you make or select your merchandise, and this gives them confidence in you.
  2. Don’t just show them who you are. Tell them where you are. Include your company’s contact details in a conspicuous place on every page of your website. Putting them in the header or footer is an easy way to do this. The information is clear and easy to find, but it does not interfere with the text or visuals of the page.
  3. Show them exactly what they are buying. Make sure you have high-quality photos of the product from various angles as well as a detailed description of it. Say clearly what it is made of and what size it is.
  4. You have to back all of that up with some solid policies, however. If you accept returns, put your return policy on your site in plain language and make it easy to find. Tell people clearly how you protect their personal details when they purchase from you. Let them know how their purchase will be shipped, how long it will take, and what the packaging is like.
  5. Payment is a big hurdle for potential buyers. They must feel secure and safe about making a payment online to your company. Use the proper visuals from the credit and debit cards you accept. And if you take PayPal payments, use their trust badge. People want to know their payment is secure, so you need to tell them that it is and also to verify what you are saying with official badges from your payment system.

Reassuring visitors that it is safe to buy is a critical part of providing a good user experience (UX). Good UX is what sets successful sites with strong sales figures apart from sites that offer great products they can’t sell.

Looking for advice on how to structure your site to best attract high quality leads that will convert? Contact one of our development gurus today!

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