Make Your PPC Ads Stronger in 2018

Pay per click advertising is still a popular choice for advertisement in 2018. It is a powerful and affordable tool to draw new people to your campaign. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and PPC is no different. If you are considering using PPC for the first time in 2018, or revamping an established campaign, it makes sense to embrace the newest trends available to you.

One of the most significant developments in PPC advertising is the growth in local searches. Due to the increase in smart phones, people are now looking to find businesses while they are out and about rather than at home. So for businesses looking to draw people to their location, localised PPC advertising is increasingly powerful. Whether you have a single restaurant or a small chain store, including your location in your keywords helps you find the people who are looking for your services. These potential clients are the ones who will most likely be converted to make a purchase.

The Power of Google Ads

The beauty of Google’s Ads is that it is so easy to tailor your keywords and target precisely who you want to reach. In addition to using keywords referencing your location, you can also target your audience by age, gender, or online behaviour. This allows you to re-market your ad to people who have visited your website. That repetition can be extremely powerful and influential.

With AdWords, you can place your ad at the top of the search engine results for the keywords you choose. You can also put your ad on other targeted locations, such as YouTube and websites relevant to your product or service. Pay per click advertising tends to convert more people than organic search results. It is extremely cost effective as you only pay when your ad is clicked. It is also flexible and adapts to new trends depending on how and what people are searching.  Adding Google Ads to your 2018 digital marketing campaign can make this your most successful year yet.

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