Is Time on Your Side?

We’ve hit that part of the year when time seems to go faster.  We have less daylight, and somehow it seems we have fewer hours in the day.

The end of the year is on the horizon, and really, how often do you hear anyone calmly saying everything is under control and on schedule?  We could all use some extra time – but how do we get it?  By automating as many time-consuming tasks as possible.

The technology involved in digital marketing is constantly evolving and improving.  Automation has transformed from clunky one-size-fits-all auto-replies to targeted messages.  People tune out mass messages on the telly and radio.

We rarely open mass emails.  So understandably, marketers have some concerns about automating their digital marketing email campaigns.  And they are right – it must be more than an electronic version of paper junk mail.  Today, it is.  And much of what can be automated is behind the scenes.

What Eats up Your Time?

As you and your staff go through your work day, think about what tasks take the longest.  What actually requires a human?  What part of each process could be automated?  Does formatting your blog or updating your email database eat up the time you really need for other tasks?  Can you safely automate parts of your lead nurturing process?

It’s hard to answer if you don’t know what possible solutions are out there.  But Matrix Internet can help you answer these questions and find the right solutions so you can make the most of the human talent in your company by automating the processes and tasks that make sense.

Hubspot is a global company offering software to automate and streamline your entire sales funnel from attracting your audience to converting them from leads to sales to keeping them happy and engaged for repeat business.

With Hubspot, you can do more than save time.  You can develop a more powerful sales platform to attract more leads and convert them.

As a certified Hubspot partner, Matrix is at the cutting edge of automating the more tedious and time-consuming tasks of attracting leads, understanding analytics and converting visitors to customers.

Hubspot is a powerful platform for inbound marketing, and the team at Matrix can help you navigate it and discover what will free up hours in your day.  We know what Hubspot can offer, and we take the time to learn exactly what your company’s specific needs are.

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