Why We Love HubSpot – and Think You Will Too

Power of Inbound Marketing

Matrix Internet is a fully accredited and certified HubSpot partner, and you should know why.  We’ve seen it make digital marketing campaigns more effective.  We’ve seen it allow people to automate some of the processes while improving their results.  It’s not magic.  You don’t just hand everything over and lounge on a tropical island while the money pours in.  But it is a very powerful tool, and if used correctly it can put some serious muscle into your marketing efforts.


Too many Irish firms are missing out on the power of inbound marketing.  They’re still doing things the way they were done a generation ago.  Meanwhile, their customer base is moving on.  Keeping up isn’t enough.  Popping on to Facebook or Twitter when you have a bit of time is not doing you any good.  You need a comprehensive, strategic inbound digital marketing plan – and HubSpot can take it to the next level.


Instead of chasing your potential clients with an old-school advertising campaign, you can attract them with a cutting-edge approach.  Think about it.  Who did everyone really want to dance with at school discos?  It wasn’t the person who was desperately looking for attention.  It was the person who had it all together and was approachable.  That is how you want to position your company.  And an inbound marketing strategy that takes advantage of HubSpot’s powerful array of tools is how to do it.

But What Exactly Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a comprehensive package of software to coordinate and automate your inbound marketing.  It is not a one-size-fits-all package.  It’s what you need it to be for your company.  It is fully customisable, and Matrix Internet works with our clients to create the package that meets each client’s needs.  We can create optimised sites and landing pages, email campaigns, blogs and social media strategies with HubSpot’s software.

Yes, you can blog and use social media and have an inbound marketing campaign without HubSpot.  But it will be a lot more work for you.  With HubSpot, you can automate portions of it and you have a comprehensive content management system to keep things moving along for you.  Yes, we still have to do some work.  It isn’t magic.  But it is powerful and saves a lot of labour.  HubSpot offers pragmatic analytics to help you understand what is and isn’t working so we can fine-tune your marketing.

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