How To Run Your eCommerce Site During COVID-19

Digital transformations over the last two decades have seen the highest jump in the number of adopters and embracers recently owing to the unprecedented times of lockdowns and social distancing. The world has adapted to a more modern way of functioning while shifting from handshakes to Namaste. Rather than cutting down on operations because of the pandemic, businesses have found now is the perfect opportunity to be open and frank with their customers.

In this blog post, we’ll be going through what you can do to maintain a healthy and efficient eCommerce site that supports your customers.

  1. Be open and honest about your production: Customers can rest assured when buying from you that they know where your products have been. Consumers are now more conscious of the asepsis of products, so taking care when moving the goods along the supply chain is of great importance. Assure your customers that employees are taking the correct procedures of social distancing and are wearing appropriate attire. 
  2. Supply chain disruptions or delayed delivery times: Relay this on your website. Customers are already slightly wary and stressed when buying online, so be open with them so as not to cause more upset. Use a delivery tracker for all deliveries and try to keep this option free of charge. If you used to allow for click and collect or next day delivery but can no longer provide this, then also highlight this on your website so consumers don’t feel confused or misled when they get to the checkout. Working out a payment scheme with suppliers helps your cash flow but can also keep stock coming through the system so you can keep customers happy. 
  3. Keep your clients with you: Rather than acquisition-based marketing tactics, focus on retention-based marketing to keep the customers you currently have. If you’ve noticed higher bounce rates recently, then it’s worth looking into conversion rate optimisation and updating your web copy. Overhauling your website to keep those who do visit your website and increase their chances of buying from you are core to keeping your eCommerce business afloat. Use a sales message that isn’t panic-inducing in times like these. For other marketing techniques, check out our online presence during a pandemic blog post. 
  4. Freebies and Gift Cards: Offer free shipping to maintain good customer rapport and if possible, accept other methods of payments (monthly billing rather than getting customers to pay upfront). If your business cannot operate right now, offer gift cards so that when your business does reopen, people can then collect goods from you. 
  5. Continue creating content: Rather than focusing on sales, provide content that is relevant to your target audience. For example, if you’re a bakery, get inventive with recipes that parents can use with their kids at home. Producing high-quality content doesn’t have to cost anything, and can prove to be invaluable for your audience as they’re exploring new ways of living. They might not be able to buy from you right now, but by giving them information that they can work with at home to make their lives easier, will add credibility and trust to your business when it reopens.

We’re firm believers in seeing opportunity in everything. Despite businesses closing down, we believe this downtime is perfect for us to assess what we’ve been putting off and taking on projects to build our business for the future ahead. If you would like to chat with us about how you would like to improve your commerce store for the future, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your plans.

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