Ara modular phone concept is a design by Google which allows you build your phone with the specs you want. The modular magnetic backboard enables you to add different gadgets such as camera lenses, speakers, storage space and much more.

The concept phone came about from the increasing electronic waste, which stems from disposing of your phone, instead of replacing the faulty component. The mobile manufacturers are to blame, with the modern designs which do not let the users fix or open the phone to upgrade the specs.

Google told The Verge during a prototype showing: “This very early version of the phone we played was functional, although we weren’t allowed to turn it on and use it, in part because the touch features aren’t up and running. The company showed it booting up on stage, but not working. The hardware itself feels very solid, thanks to its aluminum and steel frame, which looks like a ribcage when all the modules are popped out. The modules on the other hand feel light and plasticky, and made holding the phone feel a bit strange. If you’re used to the smooth corners you’d find on most smartphones, the ribbed channels on the Spiral 2 feel bizarre. Nothing rattled or slid out while we were playing around with it, though it’s hard to tell how it will really work without the magnets.”

Ara has a long way to go with its design, software and branding. But the most important part is finding out who would like to buy it!

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