Web Hosting & Security

New Hosting / Support packages

We will soon be changing the way in which we support our websites to reflect the evolution of the average website.


Most websites now rely on some piece of open source software / plugins which have to be regularly patched or updated to fix glitches and to close off security vulnerabilities.


The amount of hackers out there who are constantly trying to bring down websites is increasing all the time, in most cases they cause widespread disruption without any obvious reason. The importance of a company’s website has increased to the point that substantial downtime can be disastrous to the reputation or balance sheet of some businesses, especially ecommerce websites

Our clients have been asking us for support packages incorporating:


  • Regular backups of websites
  • Automatic monitoring service
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Regular patching / keep platforms up to date
  • Updating of open source software & scripts
  • Checking for website vulnerabilites
  • Malware detection

We will be rolling out new support packages ( incorporating all of these features ) over the next 4-6 weeks and we will be in touch with all existing clients, if you have any questions please email support@matrixinternet.ie

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