The IEDR Optimise Project PT.2

Last month we discussed our participation in the IEDR Optimise Fund 2015 and outlined the work that we carried out for a number of clients including Events.ie, Physio Extra and Hook & Ladder.

Our involvement in the fund allowed us to travel across the country and meet various new people and companies.

This week we will discuss our work with Total Shave in Mayo, Graphic & Paper Merchants in Dublin and The Old Mill Stores in Cork.

Total Shave


This is a company based in Castlebar, Co.Mayo that specialises in distributing shaving solutions & oils. Total Shave is an offshoot of Pamex Ltd, a marketing company that specialises in promoting pharmaceutical personal grooming products.

Content Strategy

As a new company, Total Shave wanted to enhance their online presence and establish a foothold in the marketplace. After an initial kick-off phone call with Pamex Managing  Director,  Tom Murphy,  both parties established that the best step forward was to created a content strategy based around industry news and upcoming events.

We created a very detailed  60-day social media calendar populated with daily content for each social channel. This content was a mixture of fun posts, product news and testimonials. We also integrated a weekly blog content oplan into the calendar. This plan offered a recommended  topic for each week about industry news and events.

SEO & Analytics Report

We assessed the traffic levels to the Total Shave website and created a detailed report made recommendations about how these levels could be improved. In the report we also included an SEO audit of the website.

We found a number of issues that needed addressing and we offered recommended solutions to improve the overall ranking of the website.

Online Advertising

Total Shave felt that the use of online advertising was a viable and long term avenue to promote their products to a wider audience. We conducted a workshop based around the different advertising methods that Total Shave could use to promote their brand.

Graphic & Paper Merchants

gpmi-logo (2)

With offices in  Dublin and Belfast, GPMI are a leading supplier of commercial paper, board packaging & signage in Ireland. They work in close connection with some of Ireland’s leading companies delivering bespoke packaging products & solutions to individual clients.



After sending out a survey to the company’s staff, we conducted an initial onsite workshop,We created specific benchmarks for GPMI to help the get a better understanding of their direct competitors and their position in the industry. We then undertook a series of persona exercises to develop an understanding of the regular customer of the company.

Based on the findings of the workshop, survey and exercises, we provided an number of take away recommendations for GPMI. These included website improvements, email marketing set up and training.

SEO/Analytics Report

We produced a report on the hist performance of the website and then compiled a follow-up SEO report and acted on the recommendations within. We then measured the general performance  of the traffic levels to the site over time and noted any improvements.

Social Media/ Social Advertising

Through our survey findings, we identified & advised GPMI on the relevant platforms that they should be active on. We then  provided training around how to set up each individual channel including; recommended , graphic creation, posting times and social tone.

Once these channels were set up, we held a second training workshop based around social media advertising. Here we discussed the various advertising methods on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also held a round the table questionnaire with the GPMI staff about which platform would be the most suitable to advertise on. From this, almost everyone concluded that LinkedIn would be the most important advertising medium given the B2B nature of the company’s operations.

The Old Mill Stores


This is a quaint store based in Leap in the heart of West Cork that specialises in homeware, giftware &  unique collectables. The company which was founded by Tom & Claire Murphy over 20 years ago was originally based in Dublin but relocated to West Cork in the year 2000.

Social Media / Content Plan

We sat down with Tom & Claire and devised a content plan to help them to get the most traction from their website & social media channels. We created a calendar outlining upcoming events in the local area and nationwide which The Old Mill Stores could leverage from through posting on social media & the create of blog content.

Analytics & SEO report

We compiled a full traffic report of The Old Mill Stores existing website. In the report we assessed the current levels of the inbound traffic trends to the website and how they could be improved. We also

Email Marketing

Given the nature of their business, email marketing is an essential aspect of The Old Mill Store’s overall strategy. We provided full training on each feature of  the Campaign Monitor platform and we also created a calendar around the Xmas period to showcase the optimal days to send a campaign.

Google Ads

We set up & launched a Google Ads account while also providing keyword research to help The Old Mill Stores hot the right target audience. Budget recommendations were also made to establish the most appropriate PPC spend for the company.  

‘Our company, The Old Mill Stores were assigned to work with Matrix Internet as part of our Optimise Fund Award 2015. From the outset we found everyone at there a pleasure to work with – they put us at our ease and were completely approachable. We came up with a plan of action together and they were invaluable in helping us identify the shortcomings of our ecommerce website and our social media strategy. Specifically they outlined how we could improve the look and feel of our site, increase its visibility and reach, where we needed to improve our social media output and helped us set up for email marketing. Overall we are now more tuned in ‘digitally’ and more confident and competent when it comes to web optimisation and social media. Our online sales have increased as a result and our customer and media feedback is way up. Good job Matrix!’


Following on from our success last year, Matrix were delighted to learn last week that we have been chosen again by the IEDR to work with this year’s Optimise Fund 2016 winners. This years winners are:

We are really excited to work alongside each and every one of these companies and once again the IEDR also. We are fully confident that This project will be every bit as successful and productive as 2015.

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