Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Pull up a crystal ball and join us for a review of what lies ahead in the new year.  We can’t make any guarantees, and no one knows when some new genius idea will go mainstream.

But looking at the latest developments and demands in digital marketing, we’ve spotted a few things on the horizon that are getting bigger and bigger.  Here are a few we think should drive your strategy in the new year.

  • Mobile– People are using their mobile devices more and more. Sure desktops will rule in the office, but are your customers looking for you in the office on their work computer?  Probably not.  Search engines will continue to prioritize mobile results over desktop SERPs.
  • Pragmatic Content – People don’t call their mam for recipes anymore. They google.  People google everything from how to repair a blocked drain to how to tell if their headache is a brain tumour to how to trim their dog’s nails.  They search online for directions to a shop and directions for making origami flowers.  If you want to give people content they want, give them content that answers questions.
  • Rich Answers – Not only do people want answers and solutions when they search, they want them instantly. Search engines can provide rich answers, meaning that in addition to the list of links and previews, people also see one complete answer in a box – a rich answer, aka a snippet.  We can’t tell you how to have your page selected for a rich answer, but we can say that providing clear and concise information helps.  So does having structured data mark up, aka scheme mark up.
  • Precision SEO – You don’t need to appear at the top of the SERP for every search related to your field. You just need to hit the top for people looking to purchase what you are selling.  We predict SEO key phrases will be increasingly targeted and complex.  That will mean that you reach the people most likely to make a purchase.  It’s quality over quantity.
  • Voice Search – It’s so handy to look something up on your device when you’re out and about. Or just on the couch.    But it is so annoying to type out your long and complex question with your thumbs. Throw autocorrect into the mix, and the appeal of being able to speak your question instead of typing it is obvious.  The idea isn’t new.  (Hello Siri.) But it looks set to expand as the technology becomes more sophisticated.

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