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Mobile apps or responsive websites ?

Mobile apps or responsive websites Here at Matrix, we often get a familiar request from clients – “I need a mobile app ?”  We generally don’t like to pour cold water on any client’s enthusiasm for web projects. After all, we spent our formative years trying to convince businesses that the internet was not a […]

House My Dog – Client Focus

Our Client: House My Dog HouseMyDog is a website where dog owners can browse various profiles to find a suitable minder for their dog in a real home environment. There are two types of user on the site: dog owners and dog minders. The dog minders can setup and edit their own profile page online […]

Web Hosting & Security

New Hosting / Support packages We will soon be changing the way in which we support our websites to reflect the evolution of the average website. Why? Most websites now rely on some piece of open source software / plugins which have to be regularly patched or updated to fix glitches and to close off […]

SEO Trends of 2014

SEO Trends of 2014 I have been reviewing So many Sites and recently built websites, built by us here at Matrix Internet and have become aware that so many of you are wondering why your older website’s ranking higher than your new website.  You are welcome to see what we have done with our Previous […]

Online Buying restrictions – A sign of things to come ?

Online Buying restrictions – A sign of things to come ? It has been reported that the Argentine government are introducing new online buying restrictions to restrict their citizens from buying online internationally. Online shoppers in Argentina buying goods from abroad will now have to collect their goods from a customs office, sign a declaration and […]

Are your social media channels working for you?

Social Media?  Some companies are really going to town on their social media (a few come to mind: Funky Christmas Jumpers, Jameson, Aviva Stadium). At the same time, so many companies I speak to are are struggling achieve the results they are looking using social media. Social media is best viewed as just one area […]

Are you thinking of advertising on Twitter?

Are you thinking of advertising on Twitter? Twitter have announced that they will open their advertising service to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland, the UK and Canada. You heard right! Self-Service Twitter Ads Are Now Available! So what does this mean to me? Twitter gave U.S. businesses early access to the self-serve program earlier […]

What is Google Hummingbird

Very recently Google announced ‘Hummingbird’, a new algorithm rather than just an update or a refresh. Google themselves said 2001, was the last time the algorithm was so dramatically rewritten. Hummingbird, so called because it is “precise and fast” is likely to affect around 90% of all searches. Whilst Google don’t provide the full details […]

Planning your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign Planning There’s no one size fits all approach to a social media marketing plan.  It all boils down to a number of factors. You Goals – You may wish to drive traffic to your web site, Improve SEO, Brand Awareness, Conversions. Your Audience – Where are your target audiences? Your Resources – […]

Why SEO marketing is Necessary

Why SEO Marketing is Necessary In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy you need to generate engagement through social media.  One of best ways to do that is through the creation of a unique experience for your website visitors.  It’s important to remember the basics first, namely SEO when building a website or […]

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