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Friday the 13 | Marketing Matrix Internet

3 Marketing Tips we Learned from the Friday the 13th Franchise

It’s Friday the 13th. As most of Jason Voorhees’s victims would probably agree, it’s considered the dreaded unluckiest of days. On this day, fewer people go out, and according to some estimates, over $800 million is lost by businesses on this day. Since Friday the 13th has such a huge impact on businesses, we decided to […]


Why We Love HubSpot – and Think You Will Too

Matrix Internet is a fully accredited and certified HubSpot partner, and you should know why.  We’ve seen it make digital marketing campaigns more effective.  We’ve seen it allow people to automate some of the process while improving their results.  It’s not magic.  You don’t just hand everything over and lounge on a tropical island while […]

Free SEO Audit Review

10 Important SEO Tips for Your Website

Okay, you’ve chosen the keywords, built the website, installed the SEO pack now it’s time to start writing content. but don’t just jump in. Stop and  think about what your website is about, what your goals are and how far you plan to go with it. Whatever the purpose of your website one thing is […]


Quick inbound marketing tips for SMES

Establishing a decent inbound marketing strategy is a must for small and medium companies and businesses. Where long established and larger companies automatically have a busy online presence, smaller companies must work a lot harder to draw traffic to their website. If a company provides good quality content through their website and social media platforms […]


Google Analytics – Breaking the Audience Down Part 2

Sessions Here you will find the total number of Sessions within the date range. A session is the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. % New Sessions This is an estimate of the percentage of first time visits. New Users This is the number of first-time users to […]


Google Analytics – Breaking the Audience Down Part 1

Google Analytics is a dynamic, user-friendly web analytics application Learning how to use Google Analytics for beginners is easy! It records relevant digital statistics such as site visits, how a user comes to your site, for how long they stay, and where they are located. Overview Session A Session is the period time a user […]


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” That is a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci who ( as far as we know ) was never introduced to the concept of the internet, never mind search engines, impressions, click through rates etc. Many of today’s modern day inventive minds are increasingly returning to the concept of simplicity after […]


Why SEO marketing is Necessary

Why SEO Marketing is Necessary In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy you need to generate engagement through social media.  One of best ways to do that is through the creation of a unique experience for your website visitors.  It’s important to remember the basics first, namely SEO when building a website or […]

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