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Watch the World Live on Periscope!

What is Periscope? Periscope is Twitter’s new live-streaming, live-broadcasting app and it is taking social media by storm allowing you to watch and broadcast live video. Want to see people hanging out by the Taj Mahal? Or see people drawing cartoons in New York? Or tune into the pandas at Dublin zoo? You can now […]

Mobile apps or responsive websites ?

Mobile apps or responsive websites Here at Matrix, we often get a familiar request from clients – “I need a mobile app ?”  We generally don’t like to pour cold water on any client’s enthusiasm for web projects. After all, we spent our formative years trying to convince businesses that the internet was not a […]

Mobile Optimisation is Important to your customers

What is Mobile Optimisation? Mobile optimisation means converting your current desktop website in to a format that can be read on any mobile device.  The reason behind this is to eliminate the need for zooming and it gives ease of access to the information.  By optimising you’re website for mobile you’re making it easy to […]

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